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  1. Three quick goals and we’re back in it
  2. From those I’ve seen Harper Gillhaus McDougall McGhee - only the player, as a manager he’s an arse Black - his heading was unreal I like the slimmer Nicholas, clever player and Rooney was ruthlessly effective.
  3. We've been this way for a while - drifting past mediocrity towards relegation fodder ourselves - the incompetence at Tynecastle and Easter Road has done McInnes a huge favour as otherwise we'd be bottom six - he's never changed his tactics - he's never really learnt to be anything other than a average St Johnstone manager - however I still have one positive thing to observe - never forget despite all his awful transfers for Aberdeen he did us the great favour of paying money to take Ricky Foster away.
  4. Poor performance. Struggling to give anyone pass marks. Stand outs for all the wrong reasons. Gallagher who summed up his skill set when he fell over trying to control a ball. Leigh who was ineffective as a left back or left wing (Andy is a much better left back). McKenna who occasionally headed valiantly but often let his striker wander free. Sam had a poor day but gets off because strikers do though Curtis Main thinking he can take on the whole hibs defence clearly hasn’t checked his own skill set.
  5. There are a lot of angry fans leaving. I wonder if they’ll ever return.
  6. We competed in the second half and could easily have won but they remained as competitive in the second half as they were in the first we just played a different game which produced a different outcome. I'd applaud McInnes for changing the tactics to what as BHL might say most everyone here was suggesting - high press and get in their faces because his plan A - sit back and see what happens had us 2-0 down and them looking like Brazil if I believed he'd adopt that strategy the next time we meet the ugly sisters. His track record is far from encouraging however - the bigots just aren't that good, especially the blue version - a high press can be beaten by quality and quick ball movement so it isn't always the answer but against the likes of the bigots it will work more often than the alternatives. We really should be doing that against everyone in this league - there are no Liverpools or Man City's here who can pass and move their way consistently through it. It's also much better to watch.
  7. Am presuming players at their best season (or part of season if they left) performances Lewis Logan Reynolds Anderson Lowe Robson McLean Fraser Hayes Rooney McGinn Subs Ferguson (for when Robson gets tired) Christie Maddison Shinnie Arnason Ward May (St Johnstone version)/Cosgrove/ Not a bad team - can we have a different choice of managers though
  8. Sevco are busy going for every goal they can - if you think for a second they won't be trying that against us you are almost as deluded as our manager. We can make the game uncomfortable by going for it early (when they might just not wish to risk the 50:50) or easy for them by trying to defend until they score, defend some more until 75 minutes and 2 or 3 or more down then finally attack. Which one srtrikes you as the McInnes style?
  9. We are playing against 9th in the league (and only there rather than 12th because they beat us). Surely to goodness we will try and win. Anything else is worse than caution it is pure pants pissing cowardice.
  10. If they could head on target we’d be 3-1 down.
  11. You forgot they do care what others think
  12. Depends on the strip the fringe team wear - if its got green hoops then they'll romp home. Otherwise it's got 0-0 written all over it.
  13. Ricky Foster Jack Clangers McDonald Maguire or McGhee - probably more contempt than hate
  14. You never saw Zoltan Varga did you? Possibly the best ever player to play for us. http://www.scotzine.com/2016/03/zoltan-varga-one-of-the-best-to-wear-the-red-of-aberdeen/ Not to downplay Hans - will never forget his goals at Dunfermline.
  15. Miller W for the avoidance of doubt McLeish Bett Harper Varga or Gilhaus
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