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  1. Bebo

    Pet Hates

    Plently of image hosts out there. I use Imgur myself. Just paste the address in the reply box and it automatically embeds. The Hat does have an image upload feature, but i've disabled it because am i fuck going to be responsible for what's hosted on the server. Absolute deviants.
  2. Bebo

    Pet Hates

    AFC-Chat going to get cancelled for still having that one.
  3. Bebo

    Pet Hates

    Click on the smilie face icon on mobile or desktop version, and change category to 'emoticons'
  4. Bebo

    Pet Hates

    Which emojis? The hat emoticons or mobile emojis?
  5. Bebo


    For a limited time i've added a solidarity like button for everyone to express their support of gay dandies. #InclusiveHat #TheHatForEveryone
  6. Facebook, Instagram and AFC-Chat ban Trump 'indefinitely'
  7. So we'll be expecting Ebbco?
  8. I can give McInnes an honorary ban.
  9. Potentially shared account with another person/dwarf. Close enough to the duplicate/sockpuppet account rules. Suspension until Feb 1st or earlier depending on the review. Could just be a false positive like SOTR had with the Canadians.
  10. Suspicious account behaviour pending review. The forum software flagged it automatically. Ebbe's (User1) password was changed then a new IP/Device logged in and posted. (User2?) A few days later the password was again changed by Ebbe (User1) (User2?) tried accessing the account 4 times unsuccessfully after the password change which automatically locked the account and flagged for review
  11. I think he's on the sauce. Received this email with no context. Can anyone interpret?
  12. Bebo


    The Sultans would see him have another public meltdown in quick order.
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