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  1. Hamilton 1 - 2Dundee United Livingston 2 -1 St Johnstone St Mirren 0 -1 Kilmarnock Motherwell 0-3 Sevco Celtic 3-1 Hibernian Ross County 1-3 Aberdeen.
  2. We “hoofed unt poofed” but didn’t test their keeper. nice controlled performance but fuck’s sake McInnes, show some cohonies and take a chance
  3. +1 fucking bang on Mr Shula
  4. Correct. hit the areas where it’s spiking - just like she did when Aberdeen was locked down. nonsense that areas with very low numbers are being hit. fucking Bollocks, in fact
  5. Riga FC 0 --2 Celtic Willem II 2-1 Sevco Hapoel Beer Sheva 3- 1 Motherwell Shkendija 2 -3 Tottenham LASK Linz 2 - 1 Dunajska Streda Sporting Lisbon 2-0 Aberdeen.
  6. Fuck’s sake 😂😂😂
  7. I just get IT support to do it for me. nae point in having a dog and bark yourself...
  8. 😂 Ooft, that’s an insult to Rocket. Tup had the ire, but no intellect. Tup, if you’re lurking, 😘
  9. He’s fucking shocking. Going on about Gerrard protecting the bairny little Hun cunt Morelos when Michael Stewart correctly had a dig. He’s like all the rest of the arse cheek kissing tossers, Boyd, McFudyin, et al.
  10. St Mirren 0-5 Celtic Lincoln Red Imps 0-3 Sevco Lokomotiv Plovdiv 1-0 Tottenham Shamrock Rovers 0-4 AC Milan Coleraine 0-3 Motherwell Viking Stavanger 1-2. Aberdeen.
  11. Is this not what Granny Budge wanted at Hearts last season 😂 It’s sanitised pish. Fuck that - I’d rather be in the comfort of my own living room shouting and roaring at the tv with a beer in my hand
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