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  1. Why is Griffiths even being discussed? It's an absolute non starter.
  2. The ramblings. No idea how you managed to find him though. Top sleuthing.
  3. That's actually really really pathetic.
  4. Dundee United 1 - 2 Hibernian St Mirren 0 - 3 Celtic Aberdeen 1 - 0 Hamilton Motherwell 1 - 1 Livingston Sevco 3 - 0 St Johnstone Ross County 1 - 1 Kilmarnock
  5. For the record I would advocate playing Mackenzie too. A start against Hamilton would be a good test for him. But we all know Mcinnes probably wouldn't do that with a full strength squad to choose from, so he certainly won't do it with depleted numbers.
  6. Logan will play LB. I'd be amazed if he didn't, unless he's not fit enough yet.
  7. I'd sooner Logan there than Campbell. Deano can play there but it's a waste of his talent. Play him in the middle.
  8. No, Campbell is a midfielder and should be playing and staking his claim for a regular start there. None of this square pegs in round holes pish.
  9. Agreed. These people seem to have nothing going on in their lives and everything revolves around AFC for them.
  10. Glad there had been a statement and finally an acknowledgment from the players. Whilst I'm extremely disappointed in this whole thing I don't feel sacking players, hanging out to dry etc is the way forward. We've all made mistakes in life and been remorseful. Its how we learn from these mistakes that matters. Nobody is perfect in life. As fans we've all made sacrifices during this period and the players have too. But the financial contributions we've all made to the club be it ST, DNAs, RedTV or purchasing stuff from the club shop made it feel like a bit a slap in the face to us all. The players will have been hauled over the coals internally and have been lambasted by the government and the public. So I feel that perhaps when it's possible a form of community service is in order to give something back to the fans. Life isn't perfect as we've all seen. Draw a line under it and move on. I've long since realised that the modern day footballer doesn't care about the fans of the club they play for. They pretend to, but on they whole they don't. It's just a job to them and they move onto another club quick enough if the money is right. Doesn't change my opinion that what they chose to do was out of order. But humans make mistakes and have to face the consequences. Scottish football is a joke and if it wasn't us it that this happened to it would've been another club facing the flack. Other leagues have managed to restart without too much hassle but there is a selfishness and unprofessionalisim to Scottish football. We move on.
  11. To be honest I really doubt that Ferguson or Anderson even socialise with that group of players.
  12. Would absolutely have been a great opportunity for some players to stake a claim and also put to bed the tiresome speculation that is following this whole unsavoury incident.
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