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  1. I remember him performing well in a home game against St Mirren and the Scottish Cup quarter away to Celtic Not sure where his statue is
  2. I actually mind McNamara having a few decent games for us. But I am more than happy to ignore this point. And by a few... I mean about 2 others
  3. Still think "The McKenna Dilemma" sounds like a shite mid 00s indie band @Poodler probably would have listened to them.... so would I
  4. It’s all relative though. Everyone’s in the same boat. So we’ll be in a much better position that others.
  5. Nothing we can do about that. No decent bids came in for Ryan Fraser while at Bournemouth, thats not really his fault. Hopefully McKenna does well and remains tied down to decent contracts lengths
  6. Would still be incredibly surprised and would likely shoot my load if we win this. I gave us every chance of getting a result of Macdermid Park when we potentially had 8 players missing so I'm guessing whoever Sporting draft in will be players who would walk straight into our team...
  7. "Hopefully". If not, it'll probably end up being £0 at the end of his contract or a nominal fee the January after. I'm still confused as to whether he's decent or not. Incredible goal tally since he got his first. But still regularly looks like he's never played football before.
  8. True. Also need them to actually be half decent. I know he didnt help himself at times but the way Aberdeen handled Ryan Fraser was absolutely horrific. In the team playing incredibly well every week and we went and offered him less money than the cunt selling programmes
  9. Despite this list regularly being posted, I wasn't aware Cosgrove was out of contract at the end of next season. Not ideal
  10. Great business for a youth player. More of this please. I know he put in a transfer request at one point but fair play to him for signing a contract when he did. Getting a combined £200k for the trio of Kenny McLean, Graeme Shinnie and Ryan Jack was a shambles. We need to start cashing in more often... but I suppose you need someone to actually pay for them. All the best to Scott McKenna. I'm not convinced he's better than Russell Anderson or Mark Reynolds but he is a big hoor of a man and that will stand him in good stead down south. Hopefully he does better than the other 2 mentioned.
  11. That was a fine goal. But even Calvin Zola once scored a 40 yard screamer.... not for us sadly
  12. Not a bad shout in the long term. But for this season it would be quite horrible when our captain can't play against the huns because he is in fact still a hun.
  13. and that doesn't even need to be to a Premier League team. You see the fees paid for Ross McCormack who's never played in the EPL and only had about 10 Scotland caps... He'll probably turn out world class then leave on a bosman though. Knowing our luck.
  14. Would be interesting to see Aberdeen v Atlanta. They must be crap
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