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  1. I quit golf at the age of 11. Hit the pin, off the tee at one of the Hazlehead courses. As close to perfection, within an acceptable margin of error imho, as you'll get. No pint carrying on.
  2. milne_afc

    In The News

    Can't say they haven’t been warned. Ballsy move nonetheless to reprint the offending images
  3. Aye, very needy. Typical of the modern Dons fan demographic.
  4. Anyone expecting a different outcome is a nutter. And look, Dons having to defend their penalty box when Lisbon should be feeling the pressure. Bullshit Dons.
  5. Can't see the Dons getting a result without the backing of the famous red army. 4-0 Benfica
  6. *Young Drummer(SJ) is a total ride
  7. They killed their own fans, several times and were founded upon in court for doing so.
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