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  1. milne_afc

    George Floyd

    SNP has some of the worst bigots going.
  2. milne_afc


    Shouldn’t be mingling with Indians anyway, they are the dirtiest of all the breeds.
  3. milne_afc


    No, his wife died.
  4. I’ve gone right off Chinkers. Great at global domination, not so good at little dishes of food.
  5. milne_afc

    George Floyd

    Nah, he’s rebranded as a much more chilled kinda mofo these days.
  6. milne_afc

    The Cryptos

    When did mental health become the cause célèbre? Does alcoholism qualify as a mental health deficiency?
  7. Booked some fucking ting tong place for Feb ‘22 This year will be UK touring.
  8. You waiting on delivery? I got a replacement PS ps a few months ago and the material was pretty poor imho. Prefer to wear the old faded one.
  9. You make it sound so unromantic
  10. milne_afc

    In The News

    Shameless groids, Poodler. They don’t come here for the weather.
  11. Hope he went home and pished himself like any decent man would.
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