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  1. Burnley treated the early euro rounds as pre season knockabouts
  2. Correct. Local teams for local people from here on in. Glad I’m no longer invested in the shit. Fuck the Dons.
  3. Even that was in a weak era of Euro footy
  4. That’s only going to encourage more folk to do it
  5. Done enough good in his life to be forgiven the bad stuff imho.
  6. milne_afc

    In The News

    "We laugh because we’ve all got reasonably well-paid jobs." What does this mean?
  7. Does she not realise how privileged they are? Seems a bit misguided to be honest. AC will need to sit her down.
  8. I just bypass the app. Everything works direct from whichever app you’re streaming from, via Bluetooth.
  9. I’ve got a couple of Bose speakers Boof. Use the smaller one more regularly but it’s plenty to fill a room with sound. The newer versions have Alexa etc https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bose-Speaker-Amazon-Alexa-built/dp/B07QF5786C/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=bose+speaker+with+alexa&qid=1610889797&sprefix=bose+speaker+&sr=8-3
  10. milne_afc


    Absolutely fuming after watching that.
  11. milne_afc


    Keep up @The Boofon min
  12. How is that within the COVID protocol?
  13. milne_afc


    Why not evacuate the kids out to boarding schools until the vaccination is rolled out? Kids get an education. Parents get to work. Just do it every year.
  14. Looks like Cormack has fell out of favour with the Canadians. His time is up imho
  15. milne_afc


    Unfair criticism of POTY imho Blind optimism wrt unproven vaccination is worthy of daily whinging. Some amount of pliant sheep on here willing to accept the word of proven incompetent halfwits.
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