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  1. milne_afc

    In The News

    Fucking scum. Leave the man in peace. @Poodler
  2. As well as Glenn Hoddle, Ian Beale and Shakin’ Stevens
  3. Fair enough. Always thought that was propaganda tbh.
  4. Glad to see the Dons will be staying in the city where they belong. Get it built.
  5. milne_afc

    Pet Hates

    Once read a comment about Big Sam, something along the lines of “a man not afraid to finish a bag of crisps, sitting on the bog”. Actually works as a haiku.
  6. Ireland will be a great place to be during reunification. I fancy a trip there just to see their buskers
  7. He’s not my favourite Black Beauty
  8. milne_afc


    They’re about 3 weeks ahead of the rest of the UK. Looking like April at the earliest before we get released into level 3 again iyam
  9. Leftover lasagna. Glass of water If there’s a better lasagna than the M&S Best, I’d like to hear about it.
  10. Lol, he probably made in the region of $140m last night alone. Donski will be livin it up with secret service detail for the rest of his life.
  11. milne_afc


    Leave them to rot. Over 80? Not a single tear would be shed. Think of the inheritance and opening up of housing and services. It’d be a goldrush*. *that’s blockbusters
  12. Unacceptable Club should be taken to court if they sign that fat cunt again.
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