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    Gr8 stuff, minj man 👍
  2. Big lumbering oaves always struggle on the artificial surfaces. Can't see a McInnes team flourishing at Cormack Park(lol). Place is a donkey sanctuary.
  3. It's a football club, not a community centre.
  4. They've got a proper millionaire at the helm.
  5. Look at how much I care sawmill nutritional information
  6. Good job they're moving to a state of the art training facility soon
  7. milne_afc

    In The News

    People should stop going places. We'd all be a lot better off. Rip etc
  8. Probably not a good idea to reduce communication at a time when guidance and regulations can change on a daily basis.
  9. SNP and Independence both surging in the polls after Wee Nicola's handbagging of the horrible Dons. 😎
  10. Surely they questioned his tan upon his return? *obviously they never knew he went to Spain 🙄
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