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  1. Haha! oops! thought i had deleted his name off once but obviously not. Although he was good going forward and also coming back out of nowhere to defend the back post on Saturday so i almost thought there was 2 Scott's on the park on Saturday ;-) Hopefully it's the scott that took the chance against Livi rather than the one that missed against Killie that plays the game in Stavanger
  2. The quotes from the manager seemed to suggest that Hoban would play on Thursday night but that he will be rested in the Motherwell match. Maybe he was just trying to bluff them as to who would play i guess.
  3. who's joining in? I just said I thought that was what he would choose to do.
  4. If its correct that Viking play 433/451 with 2 quick, tricky wingers I think its highly unlikely we will play a back 3. I don't think we would want our central defenders getting pulled out there where they may get exposed or alternatively our wing backs are faced with a 2 on 1 with a full back and a winger both possibly running at Kennedy and Hayes. Also the 3 central defenders could be left to pick up one central striker. In the last games we have played teams who were also playing 3 at the back and McInnes likes to match up with that system. I think we will see a 451 and it will depend on how highly McInnes rates Viking as to whether he goes more attacking by playing Hayes at left back with Hedges ahead or if he is more apprehensive he will play Considine at left back with Hayes ahead of him. Lewis Logan, Hoban, McKenna, Considine or Hayes. McCrorie, Ferguson, Kennedy, Wright , Hayes or Hedges Wright Watkins
  5. I see he is holding talks with St Johnstone. If they can get him to stay fit & healthy I'm sure he would do a decent job for them. He is training with former team Kilmarnock to keep himself fit. but they are stocked up on midfield options. Scott Burns saying Burton also want Bryson as a player/coach while ambitious Queen’s Park are also trying to land him.
  6. if anyone wants to read some in depth knowledge on Viking here is an excellent piece on his blog by David Weatherston the former lower league striker here in Scotland who is over in Norway. He picks out Zymer Bytyqi and Ylldren Ibrahimaj as dangermen and also mentions left back Adrian Pereira is good going forward linking with Bytyqi but he could also be a weak link defensively. http://likeaweatherstone.blogspot.com/2020/09/a-tactical-look-at-viking-fk.html From what he says of how they set up tactically I think its very unlikely we will play 3 at the back and expect we will revert back to a back 4 for this one.
  7. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/1550146/comment-coronavirus-common-sense-did-not-prevail-and-dundee-uniteds-mark-connolly-will-have-to-answer-for-it/
  8. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5995079/dundee-united-probe-connolly-covid-19-guidelines/ Will be interesting to see what the first minister and SFA have to say about this. I'm sure it will be the focus of her attention tomorrow. Seem to remember Mellon being a bit smug that "all my players are following the guidelines" when our issue came up.
  9. but to be fair to him Norwich only gave him 12 league starts of which only 4 was he playing as a centre forward. Bristol have had him for 2 season and only game him 5 starts each season with only 3 as a central striker. Barnsley were the only team to let him have a run of games and play him in the central striker role and his scoring rate and assists rate were much higher there. When Daniel Farke signed him for Norwich he said of him ""Marley played brilliantly last season and is proven at this level."He scored ten goals and got nine assists, and can play either as a forward or on the wing. He’s physical and a good character who gives us another option in attack."I’m really looking forward to working with him." Ipswich Town legend Terry Butcher took Watkins to Scotland when he signed him for Inverness. Speaking when Watkins was linked with a move to Portman Road from Barnsley, Butcher paid tribute to the player.He told the local press "I would love to see him here and had Town got him (Watkins) here in January, he would certainly have helped get us higher up the league table."Unfortunately, I think he will be moving on to bigger and better things now as there are a number of quality clubs looking at him. Celtic have been linked with him in Scotland and then there is interest from some high-end Championship clubs and even the Premier League."He was an unknown when I signed him and he has progressed well and went on to win the Scottish Cup with Inverness. He is a player that Town need. He can operate on either wing or play down the middle."He is quick, has a lovely touch, is immensely strong and is good in the air. He is a nice lad too, I never had a problem with him – he was a pleasure to work with."He has unbelievable potential and is hungry to succeed." Watkins was a success in Scotland, with Inverness manager John Hughes full of praise for his pace. He said: "Marley is a lovely lad and he brings a smile to my face. His work ethic is top class and he is probably the quickest player in the Premier League. I'm delighted for him."
  10. Personally I would be fine with Watkins. Has pace and power and can definitely let central defenders know they are in a game and play the one up front role. Just hope we can keep him fit as had some injuries in his spell at Brsitol and prior to that had fell out with the manager at Norwich so didn't get much game time there either.
  11. Gregor the chief Bristol City reporter @ the Bristol post said earlier this afternoon "there is truth in those Marley Watkins to Aberdeen reports. Understand that a deal is close to happening - likely to be a loan until Jan so he can play more 1st team football"
  12. Adam Jahn would probably fit the profile of the type of striker but wouldn't get a permit. Maybe they are suggesting sending their young Scottish born forward Daniel Steedman over to us to gain some experience training with us but I would doubt that there would be anything more to it than that.
  13. I'd say that's a little unfair. He had 2 very good seasons at Barnsley which earned him a couple of very lucrative moves to Norwich and then onto Bristol. it hasn't worked out for him at either of those but hasn't been given that many opportunities either. And if you look at his stats his record is probably similar or favourable in comparison to Adam Rooney before he came up here at a similar level. He is not a poacher like Rooney but he would probably be more suited to the formation that we play with one up top more than any striker we have signed apart from Cosgrove. I was expecting any player who was to come in to be a young, inexperienced striker so personally I would be pleasantly surprised it we got someone like Watkins on a short term deal who has played a lot of games at a decent level and also with experience of the SPL. I think he could do a job for a few months to get us through until Jan but I think its very unlikely to happen due to the wages he is on at Bristol and how much they will be looking to be contributed.
  14. He started out playing on the wing but had his best spell when played through the centre on his own. Quick, physical and powerful although I wouldn't have said he was the best finisher in the world.
  15. The ever reliable Scott Burns is running with Watkins now too. By the sounds of this he definitely wont be here for tonight's game though. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/marley-watkins-aberdeen-target-bristol-22552017
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