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  1. i think its very unlikely that we will go into next season with just Ramsay and Virtanen as back up. Ramsay is a very promising talent and will play a lot more but he has had a number of injury/fitness issues in the past couple of years so unless Glass plans to utilize McCrorie in defence at right back id expect someone to come in to compete with Ramsay and both would play a lot of games over the season. Nicky Devlin from Livi or Jason Naismith from county are both out of contract and shown they are very capable SPL right backs and are also much better crossers of the ball than anyone we have at present so would be ok with either. They would be relatively low cost in terms of wages and on less money than Shay was. As dire as our strikers have been this season the service into the box and standard of crossing has been horrendous so getting in full backs who can provide threat with decent balls in from fullback would really help our strikers. With Brown incoming wouldn't be shocked to see us linked with Ralston from Celtic either but would definitely prefer others.
  2. I didn't say he was a good manager but he is a good 1 on 1 coach and definitely improves players and improves their individual game.
  3. i'm 100% with you on this one Millertime. He looked last season like someone with a big future and a lot of potential. Still got a lot of improvement in him and I think he will surprise quite a few who are just looking at the fact he plays for St Johnstone and the fact he has fallen out of favour with the new manager and assuming he is rubbish without actually having seen much of him. Things havnt worked out this season but last season he averaged a goal in every 94 mins he played which was ahead of even Edouard at Celtic who was a goal every 100mins.
  4. ok, cheers for the info. that's good news, If this goes ahead I think 6 months with Hamilton might work out well for Bruce and for us. They like to play 2 up top and playing off a big physical striker will suit him. Also think Brian Rice is a good coach and someone fresh might help kick start him.
  5. maybe im missing something here but I thought the fact that Bruce has played for us and Ayr in the same season means he cant sign for anyone else? I thought you were only allowed to play for max of 2 clubs in the same season?
  6. He is very capable and at his best is a really decent player but seemed like after his first 6 months at Hibs where he played really well and won himself the permanent deal, that he really couldn't be arsed apart from in the big games. I think as a short term loan to get us through to the summer that it might work out well as in his head he is going to be trying to catch the attention of teams down south by banging in some goals, if he does that he might earn himself a deal down south and a big pay packet from a championship club. And if he scores goals he might actually win us some games. WIn Win!
  7. No they have agreed a fee for Wright of 200k which is being taken off the fee for McCrorie. We are paying the balance of that now so Ross can play in the games against them from now onwards. The article from Scott Burns reads - Rangers have agreed a £200,000 deal for Scott Wright - with Ross McCrorie set to move permanently to Aberdeen today. The Dons have paid the difference in the McCrorie deal to sign him now. It means McCrorie can now play against Rangers in the league and if they are drawn together in the Scottish Cup. Dons chairman Dave Cormack had turned down multiple bids from Rangers before he finally got his price this afternoon. Aberdeen had McCrorie on loan with a clause to buy him permanently in the summer for £350,000
  8. update from Daily Record:- Derek McInnes has confirmed Aberdeen and Birmingham City are in discussions about Sam Cosgrove moving to the English Championship club.Reports claim the Blues have bid £2million for the 24-year-old striker who has scored 47 goals in 103 games for the Dons.
  9. I might be wrong but i think his recall is more to do with the fact that they took in Kai Kennedy on loan from Rangers a few weeks back and that has resulted in Ethan being put on the bench. No point sitting on another teams bench, the whole reason for sending him out was to get game time to help his development. I expect that we are looking to put him to another championship team where he will start. Inverness lost Kennedy so maybe he can go there.
  10. Sounds like there has been enquiries and interest in Cosgrove from more than just Sheffield wed! McInnes confirmed Aberdeen have been fielding calls of interest in Sam Cosgrove following reports Sheffield Wednesday had been priced out of a move for the striker. He said: “I think there has been conversations had with one or two clubs – one club in particular – but there’s been no concrete offers in for any of our players.”
  11. Although Forest have been struggling, McKenna has actually been playing well and has brought him a lot of plaudits from their fans, management and pundits. And his personal defensive stat analysis figures were already bringing him to the notice of clubs higher up the chain. sustained an ankle injury a few weeks back however and had missed the last 5 games but started back in training on Monday.
  12. Really don't understand why people are getting themselves in a state over this deal, personally I think its an amazing deal for us and don't understand why anyone would dislike it. The way I see it is Atlanta who work very closely with his agent said to Cormack why don't you sign this boy, if he has an immense season and suddenly we have English teams offering us 5 million for him in a years time we all profit from it financially, if it doesn't work out we will take him off your hands for the fee that has been agreed. As far as Cormack and Derek are concerned they cant really lose out of it either, the guy is extensively looked at on electronic scouting technology and although he doesn't stand out he doesn't look terrible either. We can take him in and if it works out it looks good for both the club and him, if it doesn't work out we still get our money back and the guy moves closer to home. As it proved, it was the latter, he was just ok and didn't really settle. I and probably Cormack and McInnes both wish that they had the same option with every player we sign that we could just get our money back if it didn't work out. I really hope this is the first of many deals like this as hopefully one of them can unearth a star who can make us and Atlanta a lot of money. I fully applaud every one at the club for giving it a go. Didn't work out, we move on. I think in the future its more likely that the next player we will take in like this will be an attacking player who can makes a difference in the final third as oppose to a defender. People getting upset really need to get a grip, I don't believe we were lied to at any point, we just were not told the full story as we really didn't need to be told the full story because it was never going to impact us as fans as to whether we knew the details of the deal.
  13. I see Dean Holden has said Marley will be staying with them for the rest of the season according to the Bristol Post. "Bristol City are in need of midfield reinforcements, with Jamie Paterson ruled out for the Boxing Day game against Wycombe and with Liam Walsh and Joe Williams still in the treatment room for the next weeks. But City will have another attacking player for the back-end of the campaign, as Marley Watkins has returned from Aberdeen. The 30-year-old versatile forward had impressed in a loan up at the Dons under former City boss Derek McInnes, netting twice in nine SPFL appearances, before a hamstring injury led to the former Barnsley and Norwich City man coming back to Ashton Gate. Head coach Dean Holden confirmed that Watkins was back in BS3 on Wednesday afternoon. And also that Watkins will remain in the South West for the rest of the campaign, as he looks to recover from his knock. "Yes, he has [returned]. He’ll be back rehabilitating with us," confirmed Holden. "He got a hamstring injury up at Aberdeen and was performing really well, becoming an integral part of their team. Unfortunately he picked up this injury and he’s back with us to rehabilitate and we’l l go from there. "His period of rehabilitation is going to take him beyond the loan window closing. So Marley will be back with us and will rehab with us and then we’ll assess when he’s back fit if he can rejoin the squad," he said. Meanwhile the head coach has also explained that none of the club's long-term injured players are due back at the weekend."
  14. Living wage campaigners will be on the case to highlight his plight
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