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  1. Well my optimism was shot after the second. Realism hit home and I stopped listening to it.
  2. Plan b supported by example at king tuts. Still up coz some scottish lad was fighting in the ufc. Beat shogun rua as well, even though rua is getting on a bit, a gatekeeper so to speak. I've just ended up watching the other fights. Jim cant swim has a class youtube documentary on the ex ufc fighter war machine, who went to prison for decades after beating up his ex to within an inch of her life. Vile human.
  3. The netflix Sunderland one was brilliant. Jack rodwell on 60k a week, never plays for them, Martin hun Bain, the CEO, asked him to leave and rodwell was like ha ha ha, no chance. And when the new owners came in and hun bain got his jotters, the new owners checked out the training ground. They had one of those cryo chambers that cost 10s of thousands of pounds. The new owners are like, who uses this, Martin Bain is the only one. Ha ha. Shame for the fans, but what a mess of a club.
  4. Someone else will have to do the damage. That is a pisser though.
  5. They will think we are easy pickings. As long as everyone does their job and is switched on, I foresee that hampden night in the league cup when we beat a gazza hun team 2-1.
  6. Scott Wright breaks away in the last 5 minutes, runs 40 yards with the ball, holding off goldson, and then slotting it home. 5-1 to the huns...
  7. Jackie jackanofski, I'm not looking his name up, he was a shining light in an absolute dearth of footballers. He did like a night out in the weege as well.
  8. 175 million, because they've played well for a quarter of a season. Maninthepub.com for all your hun stats.
  9. Everyone on their toes, fully alert for 90 mins, take our chances. Nothing to be wary of here, their corners might be our dodgy moments, but apart from that, nothing to stop us playing our football. Coyr
  10. You lucky sods, they are as pish as I have seen a celtic team since the days of andy Payton and was it michael Slater, funds straight from the biscuit tin. The longer scott brown plays the better, he's always been slow but now he's is double slow. Gutted we never beat them. Love to be in the champions league and I hope our team get the seriousness of covid, we could have pittodrie decked out in champions league insignia.
  11. Scotland should've played the entire Don's team in Spain 82. Maybe dalglish could've got a game, but we could've got much further with a team of Don's.
  12. When john barnes came on the last 15 mins in the game against Argentina in Mexico 86, he set up a sitter for lineker at the back post and he managed to make a rickets of it. I could never understand why england hardly ever picked hoddle le tissier, instead they chose fenwick, peter Reid with his monkey's heid. Workers like carlton palmer.
  13. If trumpton loses the election he might do a runner to scotland, coz I think the Scots love him here.either that or he's off to Russia or China if the FBI are after him.
  14. Willie miller was never the quickest, but he read the game superbly coz he played up front at the start of his career.he knows how to follow striker side on instead of squaring up to him. I'm sure ash taylor knows this, he just needs to bring it on match day. I saw a team from michael Palins ripping yarns, golden Gordon, it was brighouse! The centre forward wears glasses...during the match. 8 bloody 1. Best football film ever.
  15. We have to beat these plebs the next time we play them. It'll put the shiters right up celtic.
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