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  1. We've got a decent first team when everybody's fit, those subs that have come on are genuine starters as well.
  2. I'll take a one nil away from home with a cobbled together side all day long.
  3. Morels worth 20 million, did Charles green not buy the club for 5 million not that long ago. 2 million at a push. Probably to newly promoted Fulham down south, or wuhan United.
  4. Thank the lord of fuck that they got beat tonight. If they had gone through, they would've turned into insufferable pricks that thought they'd won the whole thing and discovered the vaccine for the virus.
  5. Apart from that goal mouth scramble we had nothing. We better win, that should set us up for the next few games. Dunno where the goals are coming from.
  6. Oedipus complex rampant
  7. tightbreeks

    In The News

    Missed this one. Caroline flack is a goner. Reminds me of wrestlers who are no longer in the limelight and lose the plot.
  8. We better start screwing the nut. A win against the stink would have set us up nicely. We need to win our next game, it's a must.
  9. tightbreeks

    In The News

    That blast looks like the Hiroshima bomb.
  10. That weegie comedian janey godley does a good nicola sturgeon. 2nd wave, here we come.
  11. Me and my mum went on a tour of east lothian for something to eat. After trying 5 places we ended up in Tesco cafe!
  12. When you're having a number two, reading schott's almanac and people insist that you hurry up coz we are leaving.
  13. That girl in war dogs and k's cyber wifey in blade runner 2049, she's lovely. She should be in more films, the ones that last about 20 minutes long.
  14. The highland clearances are coming up. Boris will turn the outer hebrides into one massive wind farm.
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