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  1. I thought it may be £15 tops. The hope of a tight Aberdonian
  2. We are shocking at the moment, but makes me laugh that Hibs and Hearts are even worse. WTF must that be like? Long may it continue though
  3. Always been a McInnes fan but like many others I'm starting to get a little impatient. On one side I'd be happy to give him until end of the year to turn it around, on the other side if he left tomorrow, whilst I'd be happy with what he has done for the club, I'd be happy all parties can have a fresh start. Decent win at Motherwell book ended by two of the worst performances in recent years is not acceptable. Letting the great unwashed score 4 at home in the first half is unacceptable. The football / tactics / entertainment / substitutes have all been pish recently. 4 wins all year is a damning stat. Seems like he was breaking all sorts of unbeaten runs at home, away etc. but now the records being broken are all for the wrong reasons. 1 shot at home for first time since 2001. Jesus wept. It's almost Calderwood stale
  4. Or lets hope the manager and players keep the finger oot the arse and continue this level of performance. We will see in the coming month
  5. I watch these regularly, always makes me smile. My favourite is the Willie and Angela one. Good to see Kelt's classic t-shirts revived again. I'd love to purchase one
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