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  1. Cunts Anyway. Spent the night in with the missus and the in-laws. Was a load of shite. Played Monopoly and got pissed. They went out at midnight to set of the fireworks, I stayed in and cuddled the dug, who wasn't scared, just annoyed at the explosions
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    She'll be fucking gutted she didn't get him married before he blew his face off
  3. Two Doors Down is brilliant
  4. styrofoamplates

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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7839615/Three-women-20s-tiny-white-pills-hidden-kebabs-night-Bognor-Regis.html Free pills with your kebab! Magic!
  5. Moved to Amsterdam in April this year after 12 years in Dubai. Fucking love Amsterdam. Such a great city. Highly recommend living here. And I don’t even enjoy the old doobie. I have hit the odd copper though.
  6. Agree with Barcelona. Didn't think it was up to much. Far preferred Madrid.
  7. Did a degree in Business and a masters in Marketing. Now work as a Global Marketing Manager for a very well known fashion company. Despite not being a bummer.
  8. Genuinely spat out my drink in the office and had a coughing fit at this. Cheers CS!
  9. Eoin Jess and to a lesser extent Scott Booth
  10. Ok. That's the final straw for me. 'Jacko'. Fuck off cunt.
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