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  1. Think she deserves a goal, just because it's her debut....
  2. I remember a long-standing AFC coach going mental when a handful of girls were admitted into the first intake of performance school pupils, as the SFA's funding for girls grassroots football was significantly higher than boys.
  3. I don't think it is, as it's included with the virtual ST and it's on Premier Sport.
  4. This joke isn't funny anymore
  5. In his defence, he had an 88% pass completion. The sliced clearance that went out for a corner, and getting caught once in possession was indeed shite.
  6. I never can get enough of these puns
  7. I can only presume folk having Dodds, Vernon, Stavrum and Windass in a top 5 AFC strikers list are absolutely ripping the piss
  8. And just got beat from about 40 yards from a Christie free kick
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