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  1. On a similar theme, our defender to defender passing is straight to their feet, and not in front of them to run onto for a quicker attack. The defender receiving the balls always seem so static and just stand and wait for it. We were taught to run onto the ball at school ffs.
  2. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/council-aberdeen-fc-dons-stadium-hotel/amp/?utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  3. Do you remember the Waterton? Now the Craighaar Hotel. Our first stripper experience in our early teens. We asked the bouncers to leave a gap in the curtains, then shimmy up the drain pipe for a gander of some paps. The first paps I’d seen since Bouquet of Barbed Wire on the telly.
  4. Followed by the St Clements, where the strippers smelled the same as the cubes you get in urinals. Quite tidy after a few pints, so I was told.
  5. Many good nights in the Boxy Legion, dad n law was on the committee for years. They had 2 good dart teams in the 80s. Muggiemoss club and the Stoneywood club too, and there was a Masonic Lodge on Malcolm Road, probably still there. In Dyce, there was also the But n Ben in the Old Skean Dhu, Dunavon Hotel, Marriott bar, Lauders nightclub, Airport club and latterly the Hen Blackie by the don. Great memories.
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