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  1. Alloa 0-4 Hearts Arbroath 1-1 Dunfermline Hibernian 3- 0 Dundee Livingston 3-1 Ayr Motherwell 1-1 St Johnstone St Mirren 0-3 Aberdeen Celtic 5-0 Ross County Falkirk 0-6 Sevco.
  2. This place was a lot better when people were just bitching about cyclists, drivers, ginger people and farting.
  3. Is it Linkers or The Winchester you prefer when you go on holiday Shooftz?
  4. Huns, mainly. Union Jack waving fucktards who support Brexit and Trump. Usually fat, middle aged, balding white guys with a profile pic of them sitting in a British pub in tenerife with their equally grotesque wife.
  5. Dundee United 3 -1 Hamilton Hibernian 0-3 Celtic Kilmarnock 1-1 Ross County Livingston 1-0 St Mirren St Johnstone 1-1 Motherwell Sevco 3-1 Aberdeen.
  6. Aberdeen 2-0 Hibernian Ross County 0-1 Livingston St Johnstone 1-1 Kilmarnock St Mirren 0-1 Dundee United Motherwell 1-4 Celtic Sevco 3-1 Hamilton.
  7. To Sky, it's a case of Rangers or Celtic or nobody. If you're using fruit as an analogy, Rangers and Celtic are the fruit that goes on display, the rest of the sides are the small, misshapen fruit that doesn't get sent to the supermarkets.
  8. Dundee United 3-0 Ross County Livingston 1-1 Motherwell Hearts 2-1 Hibernian (cup) Kilmarnock 0-3 Sevco Aberdeen 2-2 Celtic (cup).
  9. I've zero confidence in us getting a result against Celtic. Even if they've got a side depleted and haven't won in 6 months, we'll still find a way to make it difficult for ourselves and handle them with care. I'd love it if we went into the game in the same fashion we did vs Hamilton, albeit a better second half! But we'll do our usual and change what is a winning formula to counter Celtics losing formula.
  10. I'd like to see us continue 3 at the back with Kenendy and Leigh (fitness might be an issue) as Wingbacks. Having Logan and Considine as the full backs sets us back.
  11. The amount of shite you speak is unreal.
  12. Campbell needs a loan of some decent clothes. That outfit on Tuesday on RedTv. Ollie needs to get him telt. Young Uns and their lack of proper socks and short trousers as well...ffs.
  13. Probably lost a lot of confidence. Not playing well, a number of midfielders ahead of him, McInnes looking at other midfielders as well. Maybe he's just actually shite though, who knows. McInnes, probably.
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