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  1. We played alright, but sorely lacking a striker. Hedges was excellent and by far the best player on the park. (in red). Our biggest issue is that we've nobody up top for the ball to go to and keep. Watkins is a decent player, but he's more of a No.10 than a striker. I don't know where he will fit into our side once Cosgrove comes back in because he won't be displacing Wright or Hedges anytime soon. Maybe play him in Kennedys position, on the opposite wing to Hayes. We needed to be more street savvy. These teams know how to draw foul after foul from the ref and it basically stopped us playing our game. However the ref did have a shocker. I don't think he actually seen any of the fouls, he just saw a man on the floor and immediately thought "Well, that must have been a foul. FREE KICK". Their goal was well taken, but Considine was ball watching. I thought we defended fairly well in general and didn't give them much chances.
  2. Clark Robertson was shite for us. As was Shankland.
  3. It's fine. By not allowing people to visit their parents and grandparents, these numbers will be right down to 0 in the next few weeks.
  4. It's probably not an STD mate. You don't get them from having a wank....
  5. You'd think that if he was a 100% McInnes signing, he'd at least be on the bench for the last few games. There will definitely be elements of Atlanta pushing him at Aberdeen. He might also be struggling with understanding what he's being told in training etc. From what i've seen of him, his English didn't seem great.
  6. The tinhat weirdos with their "Masks do nothing" mentality do my head in. Why then do we all put a hand to our mouth and nose when sneezing/coughing? It's to stop the germs from SPREADING. It's simple physics. The mask is simply a way to stop the virus from spraying out when people are talking / breathing. Nobody has ever said that it's 100% effective, but it's about reducing the risk.
  7. It could just be a case that he believes his own hype and is frozen out because he's shite in training, McInnes has previous for freezing players out if they aren't showing it on the training ground. He played alright in the two games he started this season, certainly didn't do enough wrong to warrant being taken out of the squad completely.
  8. His close control was a level above the others I thought. The ball looked like it was stuck to his feet when he was moving around with it at times. Hopefully his finishing is as good.
  9. Member since 2016 though. Still very odd behaviour.
  10. I'd like to think Hoban will stay with us for another year or so to get his career back on track. He's not obliged, or owes us anything, but would be nice for him to stick around after we've been good to him in the last year or so. Taylor being hooked at HT was pretty telling. It's not often a CB get's hooked at HT unless he's either injured or had a nightmare, and I don't think he was injured.
  11. The problem with these figures is that the antibodies don't last forever. They last for at least 3 months, but that means that some of the people who have had it at the very beginning may be susceptible to it again very soon. So some of those 8% will no longer have the antibodies.
  12. England will be locked down. They've just got no clue what they're doing yet, hence the distraction with that pointless meeting today.
  13. Edmondson looks like he's a decent footballer, id be giving him more game time.
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