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  1. He'll have their players man marked. Logan on their striker the whole game.
  2. They really do need the boost. Especially Dumbarton. Currently sitting 8th in League one and haven't played in months.
  3. The issue isn't the kicking it towards the net. It's the getting the ball into the net part that we struggle with.
  4. I've not drunk much since lockdown started last March. Not a drinker in the house, find that a bit pointless and boring. Also having 2 young kids, I'm not getting woke up early with a hangover! So i've only really had a few beers here or there, or when I've had zoom pub quizes etc. I enjoy a beer/cider every so often, would never say "i'm not drinking again", but if I had to give drink up, it wouldn't bother me that much. I couldn't do a night out with mates, or a wedding etc without drink though, that would be absolutely shite.
  5. Struggling to see where the goals are going to come from. I'd take another 1-0 win though, just to get ppints back on the board. We could really do with a good win to get confidence back up.
  6. I hate Hearts. Not as much as I despise the Huns and Tims, but it's close. I think i'm too young to really care too much about Dundee United and their "rivalry" with us in the 80s.
  7. It will be interesting to find out how much money each club has lost during the last 2 seasons, in comparison to ourselves. You'd think Celtic and Rangers will have made huge losses, Celtic in particular, will have made a colossal amounts of loss, with their wage bill and how shite they;ve been in Europe and potentially losing out in CL football next season due to getting pumped in the qualifiers, probably.
  8. You're all assuming that Anderson will want to stay, even if offered a contract. If McInnes is staying then I can't see Anderson wanting to hang around any longer. If a new manager comes in then possible.
  9. ABERDEEN 2-0 Hamilton Motherwell 0-1 Livingston Sevco 2-0 St Mirren Ross County 0-0 Kilmarnock St Johnstone 1-2 Hibernian Dundee Utd 1-2 Celtic.
  10. StandFree1982

    In The News

    Is it racist to paint your face green and dress up as Shrek for Halloween now?
  11. StandFree1982

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    Social Media. There's now a platform for trolls and nutjobs to spread misinformation and make the feeble minded worried that they are somehow getting nanobots injected into them that they will be able to track us. The same people who think that the governments are inventing Covid and locking us all down for mass control, because killing millions of potential tax payers and putting many more millions out of jobs, which they'll need to support, is definitely in their best interest! The government can't even track potential terrorists before they cause mass murder, let alone care about Sharon from Tillydrone, going down to her local chemist for her methadone. absolute fuckwits.
  12. McGinn, despite that free kick in the video somewhere above, is still the only player in our squad that seems to be able to hit a decent dead ball or a cross. Just a shame his legs are gone. Does seem to be a common theme at Pittodrie recently (ish) with bringing in players and their legs going. Hartley Robson McGinn Folly May Devlin?
  13. She's in a no win situation with this though. If she didn't do her daily briefings, people would complain that she doesn't give a fuck. When she does do them, people complain that she's on TV all the time. I personally don't see the point in her doing the daily briefings unless she's got something important to tell us. No point her being there to tell us the figures and repeat the same lines over and over again "And let's not forget that these figures aren't just numbers, these are peoples parents, friends, family..." we get it!
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