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  1. Barry Towns first game since 6th March. NSI mid season. Faroes might be favs since being at home too.
  2. Groups have been drawn. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53723630 Snigger at hearts, hibs, jutes etc etc.
  3. If this doesnt get played then I doubt Saturday will either. Huns will have a hissy fit if we have to play only the tims with the 8 missing. Both will get played imo.
  4. Heaps of scraping. Got a window panned in on mini bus. Bin bag and tape and up the road, nae sleep and no voice the next day after having to shout to be heard. Welsh cunts!
  5. Not at all. I'm all for them in a workplace that suits them. I employ a woman and 4 blokes. The female does a job the 4 blokes coundn't do and vice versa.
  6. Women who want mens jobs. Bints affshore (not stewards). Absolutely pointless point scoring. I'd make a shit receptionist, nurse, office admin, nanny, cleaner etc and I'm happy to admit it.
  7. Settle doon ffs! One of the Faroes teams is absolutely gash. Hibs gave them 12 over 2 legs a couple o years ago. Never progressed once in Europe losing 22 and drawing 2 out of 26 ties. Awa n get yer ma to change those sheets.
  8. Home v any of that lot will be absolutely fine. Number 1 in the draw oot first is all that matters. 4 v 1 would be only potentail problem but it would take a serious fuck up to not make QR2.
  9. Groups have been confirmed now. Regionalised, Iceland, Northern Ireland (Glentoran), Wales (Barry Town) or 2 teams from Faroes.
  10. If its a breach of protocol with the positive test then I'd think Cormack will hit the roof. McInnes no longer (not sure he ever had) the strength to keep the squad in "order". See: Logan for the last 3 seasons and players (and possibly Craig Broon) oot in toon after the performance v the huns.
  11. 1/3 she has or had an eating disorder. Looks the type. Fat cunt!
  12. I really hope Cormack has had a word with McInnes. "5 chances of silverwear this season. Last chance cunty". Going on Saturdays peformance he hasn't..... yet.
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