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  1. I wonder is ther is a "Cormack factor" in him becoming our record sale and first for decent dough (Hayes aside) for some considerable time? We seemed to lose a hoor of a lot of decent/good players for fuck all or next to fuck all under Milne.
  2. One european trophy for them and that was 20 years before our first. Fuck em! Tin pot club. 0-2.
  3. Watching illegal streams is tink behaviour so I'd imagine there will be loads doing that.
  4. Watkins has been decent but would be good for him to get off the mark. He's not an out and out striker so the lack of goals so far is no biggie as long as he keeps performing well in other areas.
  5. Fuck all will come of this imo if the players just got a warning. Talk of a points deduction is crazy and won't happen.
  6. Betty Swallicks

    In The News

    She'll be a good fit in that role. Fucking terrible tv. A decent sport quiz show should be easy enough to make but they are without fail absolute shite.
  7. Skaters......... LOL Up there with car geeks ie unsporty weirdos.
  8. Took a fair bit of punishment yesterday especially from that horse Broadfoot. Should have take him off earlier but hopefully he is ok for Thurs. Was limping badly at ft.
  9. Oh min, never knew Garth was deid. What a fine bloke he was. Bet he saw and heard some stuff in his time. The Moorings, The Pelican, Garth. RIP min.
  10. Terrible signing. A typical work shy weegie.
  11. I think the away team get the tv rights. Its 100% on Red TV International and I presume if its not sold to Premier that it'll be on Red TV ppv.
  12. 4/5 is a decent price for us (if we continue with the same attitude and formation we had v hibs).
  13. Whats the cases to deaths ratio now? Lets hope it ups its potency now its rife in weeg.
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