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  1. The fact remains that there is no appetite to move to Kingsford with that poll showing 6 times as many people would prefer the beach site (despite obvious concerns re the plausability of that) and 3 times as many people would prefer a revamped Pittodrie. Now the AWPR is up and running the folly of having it out there is clear to anyone who uses that road. Horrific tailbacks at that junction, not enough parking (a fleet of shuttle buses idea is just bonkers), and fuck all round about.
  2. We did for a fair chunk of the game but regardless my point was we should play 4-2-3-1 from now on.
  3. Hedges and Wright with a good attacking understanding. Kennedy decent too yesterday and nice to see him switching wings during the game for a change. What a difference if you actually play attacking/creative players further up the park. 4-2-3-1 please from now on and we'll blow away most of the dross in the league.
  4. If there is ANY chance of this happening it needs to be fully explored. Even initial paper talk of it shows there is no appetite to move out to Kingsford (biggest poll suggests roughly 60% are in favour for new beach site, 30% to redevelop Pittodrie, 10% Kingsford).
  5. The wee man looking like the postie yet mincermong?
  6. Dad getting excited about a paralytic teenage boy. Imagination running wild with "It did not end well".
  7. Folk from peterheid etc will moan nae doot but I'm sure the parking is fine at Balmoor.
  8. Will there be shuttle buses from Pittodrie to new beach site? Fucking better be after 50 were bought.
  9. but, but, but it`ll sink if its built there.
  10. Its of interest to me..... but I won't be considered either.
  11. Do folk honestly think he's any chance of getting a Championship job now?
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