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  1. New China House, Portlethen. 4/10.
  2. Massive teles.... illegal streams..... moan about council tax bill. The modern tink!
  3. Banging his chin on the doorframe in the process.
  4. I could just about understand if a bairn or wifie thought Zero was a brilliant player or didn't fully understand the offside rule.
  5. Fair bit of travelling involved away in Lisbon on Thursday and Dingwall on the Sunday. That'll be used by Deek if we fail to win. 0-2. Ferguson brace.
  6. A fit?!?! I presume this is you trying to sound weegie? Don't!
  7. Is it safe to leave a 4 year old in an apartment while you go out for a meal? Asking for a scouser and a weegie.
  8. Saw one say he wanted Brechin to go bust. Brechin were one of the clubs (along with killi etc) that wanted them to remain in the top flight in their new form. hun bams hinna a clue.
  9. I wonder is ther is a "Cormack factor" in him becoming our record sale and first for decent dough (Hayes aside) for some considerable time? We seemed to lose a hoor of a lot of decent/good players for fuck all or next to fuck all under Milne.
  10. One european trophy for them and that was 20 years before our first. Fuck em! Tin pot club. 0-2.
  11. Watching illegal streams is tink behaviour so I'd imagine there will be loads doing that.
  12. Watkins has been decent but would be good for him to get off the mark. He's not an out and out striker so the lack of goals so far is no biggie as long as he keeps performing well in other areas.
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