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  1. I gave up hope ironically for lent. One for the HMHBers oot there.
  2. But you must feel a cunt at nights oot (mind them?), at the fitba, weddings etc though? I couldn't stand to be around pissed folk if sober.
  3. Don't think I could do a week these days (used to manage 3/4 weeks at a time due to work). I can manage a few days (and usually do during the week) but a weekend without a beer would be murder.
  4. Hamilton and killi down, hearts and either raith/dundee/dunfermline/arbroath/inverness up would be lovely especially if crowds are back next season.
  5. We get it, you don't think the weegie press/media or football athorities are only interested in the bigots (they are) and you don't think there is even the slighest chance they dislike us (they do), now move on. You tedious hun/tim loving weegie cunt.
  6. True Detective. 8/10. First series the best imo.
  7. You'd nevr guess Rab C would (poorly) shave his arms.
  8. I doubt it. He was one of the Soul lot all of which except I think Hayes and Devin have gone now. Hayes is virtually unsackable as a player and Devlin is the union rep so McInnes will be scared to try and dunt him.
  9. Mark Hughes has been out a job for a couple o years. He'd boot some erses, attract players and has experience but also a few mil in the bank so not sure he'd fancy a mere 17k a week.
  10. Anything but a win and its 4th at best. 1-0 (heeder or pen) shit show.
  11. 3rd is gone imo. Even if hibs implode we'd need to go on a winning run and you don't go from 2 wins in 12, 1 goal in 8 games and playing shite to a winning run. A distant but comfy 4th beckons which surely to fuck isn't good enough to keep the fraud in a job.
  12. Taking McGinn off and putting on McGeouch with a minute to go and wasting our own time sums up his managerial nous. A man that by his own admittion forgots about the amount of subs used and can still be used. What a fucking fraud.
  13. baws? You a weegie?
  14. We due to play them 3 times doon there this season?
  15. Insipid. 2-0. Hopefully our last game there with McInnes at the helm.
  16. You should see if you are bipolar. Ask on here etc.
  17. Cat owners.... yer hooses stink!
  18. I got one a week after my DNA expired last year. The poor cunts will get a hard time I'd guess this year. Shite job, like those "charity" sellers.
  19. No idea, I don't keep a tad on mongs. I was just pointing out that this one is a non story and that its unlikely Anderson will ever play under McInnes again.
  20. An absolutely nothing story which as been dived on by mongs. Its highly unlikely Anderson will play another game under McInnes.
  21. Must be about time for them phoning to check on your welfare try and get us to buy season tickets and DNA. Anyone had a call yet?
  22. Good point. 1 in 5 for Aitken, 1 in 38 for McInnes. BOTH shite. Still waiting for you to work out the % rates @Millertime @millermong
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