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  1. RAZOR


    End of an era last night. Have to say I'm a little relieved.
  2. RAZOR


    You'd be right enough actually. 3 teams at 13-3 with the Saints having a worse head to head ffs. I didn't realise they were #3 seed.
  3. RAZOR


    Huge game between 49ers and Saints (should they get past the Vikings) Winner of that will win the SB.
  4. RAZOR

    In The News

    http://dlvr.it/RM8T1G Absolutely fucking horrendous.
  5. The Terrace? Decent enough bar until 1230 when the Orcs descended on it. By Orcs I mean Hearts fans who also cheer on the Huns because of their hatred of Celtic. Who knew that was a thing... Did you go?
  6. Alot of similarities between the GWT days. Not quite pish enough to be at the bottom and just scrapping through games in the most boring way possible. Cosgrove is about the only difference, if it wasn't for the big cunt we'd comfortably be in 9th. The problem lies squarely with the Manager just now. There's absolutely no reasonable argument to start the boy Gallagher over players like McGinn. Again, like the GWT days we have some decent players in Ferguson, Lewis and Cosgrove with a couple of young players coming through in Campbell and Anderson. Whoever scouted the boy Ojo deserves shot. Whoever convinced him to take Gallagher on deserves assaulted and what ever possessed him to take Main and Wilson on is worthy of a spell in Cornhill. Horrific again yesterday. McInnes most definitely out!
  7. The boxes you get are much smaller nowadays.
  8. Disappointing to find out Jim McDonald didn't return last night and hit anyone. Doesn't feel like Christmas at all.
  9. Walter Smith the sad orange bastard as well no? Haha. Thought it was worth sharing. Tough season for you this one Skins. Let me know if your around on 29th
  10. Ha, fun times (or not). None taken. Always stick on a couple of quid on this since the big win. Hopefully next weeks crew bring it home.
  11. Said my first word at one Aberdeen mad by 7 Bored by 11 Left school at 16 18, I worked nights at the castle but then I stopped pulling pints and started pushing myself I did things I never dreamed I would, overcame things I never thought I could. The elements, the distance , the fears, doubts and all 7 continents. Sure I was born in Aberdeen but I was made in the Royal Navy.
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