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  1. Attention is cunt for now. Forgotten lessons are still true. Read rather than watch. Weird times.
  2. Long story cut short. Nibble at Schwanengegesang d 957 4 in D minor. Edit: add link. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=yq4RGlrp898&feature=share
  3. Attention is at a premium just now. So what has everyone been reading aside from pandemic data?
  4. dervish

    In The News

    To the uninitiated the above is the other side of the hat. Lives in extremes.
  5. dervish

    In The News

    Aye min get your pishy breaks in machine and get a glass.
  6. I had conversations pretty close to that with otherwise normal people. Like when you're speaking to someone you know who happens to be a hun.
  7. I'm just glad the British public had it's voice and opinion listened to.
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