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  1. Might have been postponed as st johnstone didn't want to risk infections. If we give it a few days, we'll be able to tell if anyone else has it or not.
  2. Ach, at least you weren't the only one to nibble!
  3. You just gave him exactly what he was wanting...
  4. Hedges might be in there aswell. Edit to add, I hope these fuds are fined a fortune
  5. St Johnstone 1-2 Aberdeen Hamilton 1-1 Ross County Livingston 2-2 Hibernian Motherwell 2-0 Dundee Utd Sevco 3-0 St Mirren Kilmarnock 1-4 Celtic
  6. Is what your friends said when you stayed up slightly later than normal ?
  7. DD1903


    FFS Aberdeen... (a phrase I thought I'd only ever use with the 'football' team)
  8. DD1903


    What are 'the cooties', brian? Sounds like some American term pish
  9. Can't argue there. Considine is dire. I don't get the love in for him. He's far too slow and cumbersome. It's embarrassing watching him take an age to get his feet from under him, before he panics and skelps the ball up the park to the opposition right back/centre half.
  10. Go. Just go clearly hasn't taken anything onboard, and doesn't have a clue how to change things. or, doesn't want to change things.
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