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  1. I thought you were defending the honour of Mrs Hanz, dad. Like a gentleman
  2. DD1903


    It's 4.4 million of the population - Covid in Scotland: Under-50s urged to be 'patient' over Covid vaccine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-55193837
  3. DD1903

    In The News

    The name thunder wizard adopted after a long legal battle with a wedding magician
  4. DD1903


    Good to see you'll be adopting a new approach.
  5. DD1903


    Love a whinge and to talk about a city/area they 'hate' ALL the time.
  6. I got some sour thing yesterday. Mainly as everything has moved around. Hate sours jet stream today. Never had it
  7. Hamilton 1-1 Kilmarnock Livingston 0-0Dundee United Motherwell 1-1 Hibernian St Mirren 0-0Aberdeen Ross County 1-1 Sevco Celtic 0-0 St Johnstone.
  8. DD1903


    More likely he read this story and decided to be dramatic on here Covid-19: Drinkers in tier two 'could order Scotch egg' as substantial meal https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55129828
  9. DD1903


    Tup? The self proclaimed saviour of afc chat?!
  10. DD1903


  11. Ojo has a good bit left on his contract. Won't be cheap to pay off. Neither will mcginn
  12. There was a fair few on here wanting to sign him after that cup semi... lolz
  13. BBC sport "Over the 90-minute performance, I would say St Mirren were the better side. I thought the game was eking towards extra-time. The goal really came out of nothing. "Joe's been outstanding for me and mistakes happen. It's just unfortunate that that's a mistake that puts us out the cup. It was more than that that was at fault and Joe's just as likely to save us and win us so many points in a season." meh
  14. A couple months of good football doesn't change the fact he's a shitebag, the football, more often than not, over the last couple of years has been honking and the squad is poor. Just go
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