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  1. Nah. He's like a young mcgyver.
  2. Back and forth through his mullet
  3. I reckon @Dad is younger than you!
  4. When BHL doesn’t have a counter argument, he’ll look typos and quote function use...
  5. He doesn’t consider mcinnes’ wage that important though...
  6. Livingston 1-1 Celtic (wednesday) ABERDEEN 1-1 Motherwell (saturday) Sevco 2-1 Ross County (saturday).
  7. Managers chat. Players chat. Chairmen chat. Coaches chat. All with each other. Not just in what’s app
  8. Nope. tough titty if you don’t like it. One is a very good mate of mine, who I’ve known for years. No reason to doubt him.
  9. Never! I have no reason to doubt the folk that told me. A coach and a manager (different clubs) are my sources.
  10. Got you. Was more if you just wanted to buy one new speaker and continue with the ones you have, was all
  11. Failing that boof, parky has a speaker that he can carry to his friend’s house and everything!
  12. I’ve read the title...! you have an iPhone or iPad? The newer sonos connect through airplay now as well. And if the rest of the speakers are grouped, they’ll all play your DJ sets etc. If you’re wanting to save forking out on loads of new speakers
  13. You’re all correct. It’s more...
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