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  1. I'm not planning on fucking her on a bbq. Many, many places... but a lit bbq isn't one of them.
  2. Oh... right. sorry. Just saw Kelt and assumed it was aimed at my post. Whoopsie.
  3. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    Given this was on 7 Mile, I can't speak for the cleanliness of the establishment. Not brilliant, would be my first thought. Still, I was planning on a cheeky Sesame Chicken with vegetables all the same. Changed my mind when I encountered the bum hosepiping the premises.
  4. It's demonstrably not. I can produce concrete proof that, given the option, Scotland will vote to remain the northernmost county of England. Can you produce the same level of concrete proof that it's "absolute bullshit"?
  5. Ke1t

    In The News

    No shots on goal. Striker played at left back. Etc. McInnes OOT!
  6. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    Today I saw a Chinese lassie screaming what I assume was serious abuse at what I assume was a homeless black lad who was taking a pish against the skip outside her restaurant. I can imagine it's a major violation of health and safety ordnance to have bums pissing all over the ground outside your business, but this fella just went about his business without a care in the world. I've come to realise that nothing you ever see in Detroit is heartwarming or uplifting. You'll definitely see a pimp smacking fuck out of a crack whore at 8am on a Monday morning, but you'll never see a butterfly land on the nose of a retarded child. It's kind of saddening.
  7. Said it before, I'll say it again. Scotland isn't going to vote for independence. Bojo the Clown should absolutely allow another vote, safe in the knowledge that he's dealing with a nation county that has no interest in governing itself.
  8. A holiday in Dubai... nae cunt's busting a gut. McInnes needs shot of, but not because of a pointless kick about when the team's on holiday. McInnes oot.
  9. Half the folk in America think they're Irish.
  10. Ke1t

    In The News

    Has it already been posted? It's possible I even followed a link to it from here. Sloppy...
  11. Ke1t

    In The News

    This bird just fell off a cliff despite there being multiple waning signs and a fence. Wonder how that tragic accident could possibly have happened. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-51089607
  12. Unacceptable posting from an otherwise sterling poster. Having said that, I'd probably shag her given her faint, albeit weird, trainwrecky, resemblance to the lovely Carol.
  13. Ke1t


    Have given credible thought to one of each of these on the upper arm...
  14. Ke1t

    In The News

    Okay, a few things. First, I don't really know if colouring yourself blue really counts a 'tattoos'. How the fuck does that cost 15 grand? Was her father an Assassin?
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