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  1. Bradley from Shamrock Rovers. He's used to coaching limited players, he has experience of European football, he's clearly capable of winning a league and cups... so his 'ambitions' you would expect go beyond an expected 3rd place spot and a 'wee run' in the Scottish Cup. Fuck knows how he'd fare in the SPFL, but fuck knows how any manager coming from outside would fare. Done deal... he's my pick.
  2. I half expected him to pause and look deadpan into the camera for a few seconds when he came out with that. "Aye, I shed that."
  3. [Robot voice] We... created... lots... of... chansheez. In... a... different... shit-yee-a-shin... we'd... have... won... that.[/Robot voice]
  4. The football we've been producing over the last couple of seasons has been shite, and it's getting worse, culminating in how we've performed since New Year. We don't score goals, and I've lost count how many times Lewis has saved our arse in games this year. He's failed to replace players, the guys on the park look barely interested half the time, and his own post match interviews are the same few excuses rehashed over and over. Regardless of individual perception, this team is off the rails and McInnes is showing no competence to get it back on track. At the end of the day the cunt got to go.
  5. I mean the level expected of an Aberdeen manager. He'd be fine for a club like Killie or Hamilton, who expect to play relegation level football of the sort McInnes' has instilled in this squad. He's not fine for us.
  6. Another game goes by, demonstrating McInnes' complete inability to manage at this level now... and still the club does nothing. Fuck 'em.
  7. 1 goal in 9 games. 1 win in 9 games. How McInnes hasn't been promoted out of the manager's job till his contract expires is unfathomable at this point.
  8. There's no passion or urgency in this team. It's literally going through the motions waiting for... fuck knows what. They certainly don't give a fuck about winning or losing, it's like a cowboy builder who just does the bare minimum and at the end the whole thing might collapse.
  9. Another stirring effort that looked like getting no goals for us. This team is dead.
  10. Will we play this last seconds free kick short?
  11. 7 minutes time added on? I don't think I've ever seen that before.
  12. Little Jewish looking lad on for the Dons. 2 minutes to turn this entire game for us...
  13. This is like the end of Rocky 4. Hamilton at least are trying to get something out of the game, and our supposedly superior team are hanging on... Starting to root for the plucky, thick, underdog here.
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