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  1. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    Traveling south today... just realised I have drugs, firearms, and sex toys in the vehicle. Standard cargo.
  2. Ke1t

    Lockdown Skills

    They're rebooting Predator, the ultimate guy movie, and allegedly sticking a fucking chick in the lead role. The fucking cunts.
  3. We need to get out of this fucking rut right quick... I don't know if it's Billy big baws syndrome, but they need to start trying a bit harder.
  4. Smurren fancy this... if they press any higher they'll be putting in tackles in the stand behind our fucking goals.
  5. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    I'm pretty sure Iceland is 14 inna. Come to think of it, if you bang a 14 year old in a country where 14 is legal does that make you a pedo, since technically you're not shagging anyone who's underage?
  6. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    At this point in the discussion I'll just mention the fact that the age of consent in Brazil is 14.
  7. Ke1t

    What You Doing Today?

    Today I'm plastering and painting. Should point out I'm no expert at either, merely an enthusiastic amateur. Hopefully get some wiring done inna. The sheer fucking excitement of it all.
  8. Ke1t


    I will NEVER understand the alleged inherent value of cryptocurrency. There's plenty shit in this world that I don't understand, but in a galaxy of things that will always be a mystery to me, Cryptocurrency will likely always be around number 1 on that list. I'll happily hold my hand up and admit to being a fuzzy-headed mongo when it comes to all countin' and shit. Fuckin' numbers, how do they work?
  9. Ke1t

    Lockdown Skills

    Life got in the way. Months of doing my democratic duty to see Trump defeated... you're WELCOME... coupled with other personal shit and the season restarting anyway rendered Hatchester's efforts redundant. Though I would like to finish that season, tbh, now that i have free time to do nonsense again. We were bucking for promotion iirc. Once I get back home I might fire up the season and finish this thing.
  10. Lead Iranian nuclear scientists topped near Tehran today. Multiple possibilities as to who's responsible. The Israelis with the Uzi on the motorway? The Americans with the sniper rifles in the book repository?
  11. I would ride CNN's Erin Burnett like a demented , sex-starved, rabid ferret. She's all professional and such, but underneath the demure and businesslike exterior lurks a cock-hungry whore, gagging for a beasting.
  12. Ke1t

    In The News

    Owner of the dog should then assume the sentence the dog was under. Only fair.
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