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  1. AFC stats are clearly rubbish. I remember Scott Wright missing a one on one against Utd at Tannadice, keeper made a good save. That's just one that sticks in my mind. As for Wright going to them, I really couldn't give a fuck. Boys hardly made an impact at Aberdeen. If that's the sort of player Rangers are bringing in, then their is hope for us all.
  2. Ethan Ross almost on the same as McGeough and Hayes
  3. Fingers crossed for a Motherwell win and another nail is plunged into Del's coffin. Yup, that's how desperate it has become. I firmly believe the longer Mcinnes is in charge the more damage it does to the club. Whilst a series of defeats isn't nice, it's for the best. I have absolutely no idea how the club intend to promote season tickets for next season with Mcinnes at the helm. Who in their right mind wants to put up with another season of turgid football, inept tactics and watching some of the absolute diddies Mcinnes has brought to the club?
  4. Neil Lennon will be looking for a job soon......
  5. I don't believe Cormack has the balls or finances to sack him nor do I trust Cormack to bring in a capable replacement.
  6. It's the hope that kills us. There is just no way this fraud will ever get sacked. We are skint and he knows it. The safest job in world football.
  7. I agree with the Robson shout. A natural winner hungry to make his name in management. Robson and Maloney tag team.
  8. He makes Considine look lightning quick.
  9. When is Mr Aberdeen FC going to do something about this shambles. No better than Milne.
  10. When I was younger I remember sooking buckets using the cut down 2 litre bottle out of the Haughton Park pond. Fucking grim looking back. When I got my 1st part time job (Millers of Midmar at 15), purchased one of these bad boys with my first pay. Loved it.
  11. McInnes happy with the call off, sums him up.
  12. I get the impression Mcinnes didn't fancy it given his interview before the game and is secretly delighted it's off.
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