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  1. It is a shit show, there is no doubting that.
  2. So if someone knowingly has COVID-19 or has symptoms but decides not to self isolate as wants to go to pub, restaurant, office, shop isn't acting selfishly?
  3. I agree with this completely, I don't want tougher restrictions, trust me. All I want is to be able to pop over to my parents and see them indoors or outdoors when I want. In order to do this I have made a decision not to go to pubs, restaurants etc since pre March. I have also been following the rules throughout. Unfortunately it's looking increasingly likely that come next week I will not be able to see and support them. I think it would be naive to think that we are where we are because people haven't broken the rules or are you suggesting the people following the guidance are the reason cases are increasing?
  4. Surely the best solution is folk stick to the simple guidelines provided? Failing to do so will just bring tighter restrictions for all. We are now at the point where travel restrictions and curfews are inevitable, which is fucking annoying and was completely avoidable if it wasn't for a selfish minority that don't like being told what to do.
  5. So basically lock the vulnerable away so that everyone else can live a normal life?
  6. Absolute nail on the head young man.
  7. I hope to fuck this co-comentator is never invited back. Fucking weegie cunt is desperate for Aberdeen to fail.
  8. Need a little time to wake up Need a little time to wake up wake up Need a little time to wake up Need a little time to rest your mind You know you should so I guess you might as well What's the story Ross MCrorie? Well
  9. Because there is elections next year.
  10. Which proves the lockdown worked. The Scottish Government could have nipped this outbreak in and around Glasgow in the bud sometime ago, but instead they have decided to allow it to spiral out of control.
  11. His MS means he has problems swallowing and often causes choking. His GP put him on the highest risk during shielding and has basically been stuck in the house since lockdown given the extreme effect it will have on him. But it appears certain folk would consider he is one of the main problems we are where we are in terms of restrictions. When I'd say it has more to do with those not following the guidance and i understand it's not easy.
  12. Is my dad who is 63 and suffers with MS and dementia considered one of these coffin dodgers? I have no doubt if he contracts COVID-19 he wouldn't survive it. So I assume you're suggesting its people like him that are ruining it for everyone and not those who refuse to follow simple guidance? You need to think about what you say before spouting shite like that.
  13. I am guessing 'fill up' is the giveaway, therefore it can only be F given its the only tank where water enters from the floor with nowhere to escape, thus filling up. 😆
  14. 1. That's fair enough. 2. I will politely decline 👍
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