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  1. Fuck sake chin, you said we have been pressing high from the off then proceed to say we sat off for the final 5 mins. Pressing high and sitting off are the complete opposite. A half of football is 45 mins not 40.
  2. You clearly watched the final 5-10 mins of that half with your eyes closed. Having said that you rated Langfield, so your opinion when it comes to football is fairly skewed.
  3. Been really disappointed in Ferguson, completely anonymous and showing now desire to get involved.
  4. Bang on. Probably helps explain why countries like the US and the UK have made a complete arse of it. Both these countries have a high % of selfish, ignorant people.
  5. I wouldn't say Nicola Sturgeon is a serial liar. The hospital figure was incorrect, it was highlighted and since been addressed, I'm not denying mistakes have been made but learn from them and move on, continually make the same mistake then fair enough. One thing I would say about Sturgeon is at least she is compassionate and genuinely cares about public health. Not something that can be said of those running things down south.
  6. One It's all about learning from mistakes and putting it right. Something Sturgeon has a far greater record of doing than those running the show in Westminster.
  7. I have no doubt if we were an independent country in control of our own financiers we would have controlled things better. Unfortunately there is only so much we can do due to Westminster interfering.
  8. That's it, you can meet whoever you want indoors as long as it's somewhere you can spend money to boost the economy.
  9. You can certainly see why Aberdeen has quite a large Tory support based on some of the comments regarding the elderly, vulnerable etc. On here. Quite surprised at the 'fuck them' attitude.
  10. I'd be very surprised if we experience a full lockdown again, well not now anyway. I think they are going to home in on households and ban any mixing indoors or outdoors and for me that's as good as a full lockdown. The Government need to be a bit clearer on where their priorities lie the economy or public health. At the moment they can't decide and as a result they are causing lasting damage to both. For me you should be able to mix with families, significant other or a support bubble if you're unfortunate enough to not have any of the above. People may be a little more considerate and cautious that way. I just don't understand how they can stop family from mixing yet although pubs to remain open. It just makes no sense whatsoever. When times are hard the most important thing is family support yet the powers that be are prepared to take that way from you. Absolutely scandalous.
  11. How many kids you got MT, you've never struck me as a fatherly figure. Uncle knob head maybe.
  12. It is a shit show, there is no doubting that.
  13. So if someone knowingly has COVID-19 or has symptoms but decides not to self isolate as wants to go to pub, restaurant, office, shop isn't acting selfishly?
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