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    There's a few good boozers around the Barrowlands. Babbity Bowsters, Maggie Mays etc
  2. tommo1903

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    https://www.226gallowgate.com/about Can't find the article, but if you read the above it'll show the sort of hellhole it is.
  3. tommo1903

    Pub Recommendations

    That new place you speak of is boring. Fairly sure I seen an article that they don't serve alcohol on Mondays.
  4. tommo1903


    Yeah. There's a new one that I found which is worth signing back up for alone @garethturd
  5. tommo1903


    Copying the moomins patter @@milne_afc , poor show min.
  6. tommo1903


    Went to see The Irishman at the Belmont because I couldn't wait the few weeks until it came out on Netflix. Did not disappoint, sensational.
  7. Worcester Sauce should be in all macaroni cheese. That's all I have to add to the conversation
  8. They'll do Reading and Leeds, probably.
  9. Best boozer in Aberdeen, by a distance IMO
  10. See Rage Against The Machine have announced a few dates. They've been shite every time I've seen them.
  11. Foals @ Usher Hall Frank Carter @ Barrowlands
  12. My review that noone wants to read The Snuts in Dundee - not as good as last time I seen them. Plenty of 17/18 year olds wearing no many clothes. I felt old. Refused/Thrice - Fuck me. Tremendous. Thrice were even better than Refused and I didn't think that possible. Killswitch Engage - Only played 70 minutes. Can't remember much, was fucking steaming. Met an Icelandic bloke in the pub next door to the Barrowlands which is now no longer a Celtic shithole. He got lifted outside the Cathouse for having heaps of drugs on him when we went in. I probably should have warned him.
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