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  1. From what I've seen its only black ones that seem to get affected....and they always let everyone know.
  2. Agreed...maybe the GWT could go scouting around some of the surrounding countries...Iran... Iraq
  3. Not sure that is true of a Scottish International...
  4. Redstar

    Rhyming Slang

    Comb over and false teeth...the Gentleman Wage Thief.
  5. They also say that Aberdeen distanced themselves from Cormack's comments and wrote to Hampden chiefs to underline the chairman's comments don't reflect those of the club. Extremely poor from Milne...and no doubt the GWT...pair of creeps.
  6. Yup...good old Cavey has made a right bollox of it...
  7. Every game under the GWT was worse...far worse.
  8. Of course he has....have you seen the nick of the cunt?...Mr Cormack and vanity are old pals.
  9. Ian Holloway staring in the remake of Worzel Gummidge...
  10. We're not...he will be gone very soon.
  11. Agreed...Wilson does play a different position...it just look a bit like he (Howe) was shuffling the team to include Wilson and get used to not having Fraser available...I could wrong...it has happened before...
  12. Eddie Howe seems to be trying to get by without Fraser just now playing the boy Harry Wilson in his place...my guess would be that the swap deal of Fraser for Wilson from Liverpool has all but been agreed...how do we stand for the sell on if its a straight swap?
  13. Redstar

    In The News

    Man with a beard...suicide vest...hero Londoners...what a load of made up bs...completely staged get Brexit over the line pish...would be my guess.
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