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  1. Yeah thats correct. I couldnt handle the pressure. Such a mixing pot of big characters i felt i was getting left behind.
  2. Somebody set up a support group for the most heavily effected and just remember that its ok to be a man and cry. #bekind.
  3. I like the fact you know that Bach incident. Lovely stuff RS..... It sort of poo poos my quotation marks bluff though since it was infact a t shirt rather than word from thy lips.
  4. Someone like me?? Someone like me!!!!
  5. "if you think you are too old to Rock n Roll, you probably are" Lemmy "aids kills fags dead" Sebastian Bach - Skid Row
  6. Because you're a wank.
  7. I date raped myself at Oslo central station with a squad of local junkies circa 2010. Affa carry on. Woke up with everything intact and a flight back to ABZ to catch. Lovely country.
  8. Weird obsession. He fucked the nazis straight up the arsehole, til they vomited and sent them straight back to sausageland.
  9. Piles of black folk wearing filthy masks round their chin going about their business. The pigs and military are out looking for white men to fleece for mask violations. 5 pounds buys your freedom again usually.
  10. Hope you get Aids you fucking cunt.
  11. I don't enjoy the process either and its not hugely stocked with music of my liking but the coffee is top notch and one day ill find a record to purchase.
  12. Prefered Infectious Grooves myself.
  13. Its eye wateringly awful.
  14. You would enjoy a hot dose(black mans sperm) of physics up your resistance(anal canal).
  15. I already loved him. A simple man that doesn't ask for much.
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