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  1. cheesepipes


    The Hibee Cum Bum Junkie Cum Bum The Brazilian Jizzler Spunky Spud Its difficult to nail down.
  2. cheesepipes


    I call it the "hole opener". Stand by for the main course.
  3. cheesepipes


    I just gave that a dildo.
  4. cheesepipes

    In The News

    Dutch Riot? Pile of North Africans thinking they're on Supermarket Sweep.
  5. cheesepipes

    In The News

    An instance where sniffing your mothers pants is completely acceptable. Although what ive seen of him he looks a right poofter.
  6. cheesepipes

    In The News

    Best oatcakes ive ever had were in Pittenweem. They really should have that endorsement on the village sign.
  7. Tuppy Potter and the chamber of Crispy Pancakes.
  8. cheesepipes


    The French men stand back and let their women get tromboned by swarms of Africans.
  9. Jeepers...... You bloody well are big in O&G! Crack on mannie.
  10. Sound like your slowly labouring rather than ripping anything up.
  11. I like Trump. One of the lads. Not a bender.
  12. cheesepipes

    In The News

    You're a fucking gaylord. Im watching The A Team, solid Heterosexual series. I specifically like the athletic gentleman in the vest with the big muscles.
  13. I never knew that and goes a long way to explaining why the ditch sleepers here look like abos. Long dreadlocks, dark as fuck but yet look completely different to the standard West African. I gave 1 a tin of beer, a couple of bananas and a lollipop one time. The goofy cunt didnt even look that appreciative. I found another one who did flash me those pearly browns and seem delighted with his alcoholic beverage, no bananas or lollipops that day. Although they struggle leaving the 1 street so fuck knows how they made it to Australia 3000 years ago.
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