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  1. Clydeside_Sheep


    So the GPs are telling lies that they are having to cancel appointments, due to a failure to distribute supplies to them? And why is it a "slower process" to administer an injection to an older person, than a young person?
  2. Biden has picked his assistant health secretary, Dr (ahem) Rachel Levine of Pennsylvania. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EsIInAkXMAIGSRW?format=jpg&name=small
  3. What do you consider the difference between spirituality and religion?
  4. I have no idea how many false Gods people have created, a good few I should imagine. A logical analysis of the word "God" indicates that there can only be one of them. This touches on something that RS said the other day, his discomfort about people thinking they had got it all right, whereas others were all wrong (a reasonable stance). The reason the Catholic faith is the "right" one is because it alone was divinely instituted and consists of things - not which we made up - but which God has revealed to us. Edit - some religions are a lot of shite, but we cannot infer that all are, purely on that basis.
  5. No unionist I am aware of has ever said that.
  6. But just the other day I posted to say I thought I could appreciate your point of view (and I really thought I did). On this topic, I will strongly advocate the Catholic faith and rubbish everything else - that's no more rigid or inflexible than someone who takes the view its all rubbish.
  7. I didn't make any claims about individuals, only observed that religion has occurred in all times, places and cultures. I acknowledged before that some religions previously were limited by the ignorance of the time, but Christianity is mainly about how to live (and die) as opposed to a convenient trope to explain the unknown. And given the Catholic Church has made the single most hefty contribution to the advancement of science in human history, the manufactured portrayal of religious people as being simple jars with reality.
  8. Clydeside_Sheep


    Correct. The Scottish testing scheme has been the worst perfoming of all UK nations. Ironically they tried to mitigate that by claiming our "track and trace" was working well. But, given 2/3+ of Scots carriers are being missed by the testing, they must be just tracking random people for no apparent reason.
  9. Patent nonsense. The Egyptians had Gods, for example, considerably prior to the agricultural revolution and Christianity had been present in the UK for centuries prior to that period.
  10. So, basically, you dont want to talk about it because I wont let you win a debate? And complaining about fixed minds would suggest you are open to persuasion?
  11. Sorry that is incorrect, alcohol was far from universal, prior to globalism. To say nothing of Islamic nations, even today some cultures (Indian / asians) struggle with alcohol because its relatively new to them. Whereas people of european descent have bodies with enzymes which can process alcohol easily - because we have been drinking it for 100s or 1000s of years - other people do not have that capability and so find alcohol absolutely devastating to their system.
  12. Clydeside_Sheep


    With respect I reckon this is clutching at straws. Its not as if the vaccines are being delivered via donkey-and-cart. They could be driven or choppered to any location within a few hours at the most. SNP performance here does tie up with the grave warnings krankie issues daily on the BBC Nicola Sturgeon channel.
  13. Clydeside_Sheep


    Scotland is only managing to vaccinate people at half the rate of England. From Monday: "New official figures show 750,892 first doses administered in England between Friday and Sunday compared to 40,151 in Scotland. Even allowing for England’s population being 10 x larger, roll-out is much faster south of the Border" https://twitter.com/simon_telegraph/status/1351212964540538884 The SNP Government has 400,000 doses in reserve, yet GPs are cancelling appointments because they are not receiving supplies. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/01/19/scottish-gps-cancelling-vaccine-appointments-supply-hold-up/ It isn't a competition, but we should be able to at least match the rate in England, given that what we would be getting if Westminster was in control of the scheme here too.
  14. Clydeside_Sheep


    That is as per the virus itself though. The deaths figures quoted are deaths "for any reason" within 30 days of a positive test. So old age, hit by a bus, heart attack, cancer, murdered etc........all of those deaths are in the figures, if the person also had a +ve test. The intent is clearly to alarm people.
  15. I am going to make tea before bed, we should perhaps make another thread rather than continue this here (if anyone wants to go on lol).
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