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  1. Disappointed, we were very meek against an unremarkable side which we could easily have beaten with a bit of belief (and not starting the game with our head up our own ass).
  2. Thats officially the worst, most wasteful corner I have ever seen at such a juncture. Those involved should be fined and put in stocks on union street.
  3. We are starting to sit off them and let them play. Got out of jail there with that free header.
  4. Lets just go for broke in the 2nd half, ive no appetite for another one of these "gave a good account of ourselves" sob stories.
  5. Huns enjoying obscene luck at both ends of the park. Lousy scum.
  6. This has sound, but in portuguese. http://www.streamplanet.ws/watch/sport-tv-1
  7. We've improved greatly after our pish start, but talk about making it hard for ourselves. Stop with the garbage short corners FFS, just get it into the box. "Put em under pressure" - Jack Charlton.
  8. If true id say it was an acceptable deal. 25% sell on is very good, I thought we would get maybe 10%. You would think he's capable of improving on notts forest, esp if he maintains his international career. Also good that we kept the hun bs to a modest fee for McCrorie. They will burn through that 350k in about 5 seconds.
  9. A disgraceful performance which will bring us back down to earth with a thump. We've gone from being bullish about facing Sporting, to fearing they will tear us a new a-hole.
  10. Is there any firm info on what the bid is? I read its approx £5m, which I think is less than Villa bid previously - showing that its the current situation forcing the deal, rather than the size of the bid. If it is "only" £5m then I hope we have got a healthy sell on clause included.
  11. Its the usual affair: free for season book holders, or 9.99 or 12.99 depending if you are in aberdna etc. Don't want to be complacent, but I think we should ease past motherwell without too many problems.
  12. I wasn't sure what happened, at the time I thought he got poked in the eye - but his reaction would fit with a blow also!
  13. "a quality goal" Surely no-one has ever deliberately scored from a corner.
  14. Great result and a good performance. Looking forward to making those kind of chances, when we are sharper in front of goal.
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