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  1. Here is a good article on COVID from Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a Scots Doctor (he qualified in Aberdeen). Mainly, he discusses the attempts by health authorities to inflate COVID deaths and wonders as to the motivation behind this. Also discusses the problems with UK statistics. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/07/25/covid-fear/
  2. The huns are claiming 1000s of their new castore tops have been sabotaged in the post. Hermes (the courier) say they don't know anything about it. Maybe the stuff is shite quality and falling apart, with the huns looking to deflect blame. Or maybe fat huns cant get into the XXXXL size and so believe someone has put XXXXL labels on Medium sized tops? https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18630103.hermes-investigating-claims-2000-new-rangers-castore-kits-sabotaged-post/ Probably another hun urban myth, like their "relegation" and the hibs fans "attacking the players".
  3. Brilliant, I was worried the season was in chaos already! Heres to another miserable Saturday afternoon and evening then! 😃
  4. We were very poor and offered nothing throughout the game. We made them look good. Taylor (prob both CBs) at fault for the goal, but he rallied well and went on to make 3 excellent blocks, at least one of which prevented a goal. That a player making 3 blocks probably represents our "MVP" for the game says it all. I thought Considines straight red card was harsh (or had he been booked already?). Our performance was summed up by the sight of sub Ryan Hedges entering the field wearing a hairband.
  5. I don't watch any shite the BBC produce, its invariably just a vehicle for this kind of trash. I saw the start of "world on fire" - it had inter-racial woofters as well. Peak BBC.
  6. This apparent drive for a 2nd referendum is coalescing around two things: (1) glib dislike of the Conservative party (1980s labour style) (2) that wee jimmy krankie wanted a new vote and bad english Boris said no. It is not coalescing around a growing support for independence, encouraged by well considered and detailed plans put in place by the SNP. On the back of this, I am almost tempted to have a 2nd vote
  7. I was pleased to see the very foul weather for the Glasgow independence march on Saturday there. The people who go to these things are essentially just the 1980s labour support wrapped in tartan. They had banners and things proclaiming "fuck the pure tories byraway". I had been concerned that the SNP have no current plan to pay a state pension after independence but, you know, fuck the pure tories byraway. I will definitely vote for indy now. Most of the marchers were a walking advert for voting 'no'.
  8. I had not seen this hilarious post until now, but - well in Jocky, you have got that hideous wee gnome Harvie down to a 'T' there I once saw in him real life, he is genuinely a horrid little thing. Knee high to a grasshopper. He was with that smirking ginger, speccy twat. Him that got a school award for being master debator. 2 faces one would never tire of punching.
  9. McGeouch's, Taylor's and Cosgrove's women are the stand-outs here. I am a man of taste who appreciates these things, not some slavering gimp who would ride a hole in the ground (like most of you).
  10. V nice. Looks like that is taken at the Casino at the Quay in Glasgow.
  11. First Bus are rolling out the first 2 electric buses in Glasgow today. Don't be surprised if it turns into a debacle.
  12. Just finished "Arnhem: The Battles for the Bridges 1944" by Anthony Beevor. Its very good, as per anything Beevor does. I like his ability to drop down to "street level" and offer little anecdotes from civilians and ordinary soldiers, as well as discuss the battle at a higher tactical / strategic level. I have been to Arnhem a few times and the Oosterbeek Airborne Museum, so the book had a special appeal for me. Highly recommended.
  13. This week we watched the 6-episode "James May: Our Man in Japan" series on Amazon. It was brilliant, light-hearted and funny, yet very interesting. Best thing I've seen in ages.
  14. Clydeside_Sheep

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    In like lightening as usual, Henry, well played. You keep us on our toes alright. The Pope is different as his Papal name is not his real name, nor is it intended to obscure it. It is a Regnal name. He doesn't have to take such a name, but often does in order to create a direction / theme for his Pontificate. For example, Bergoglio chose "Francis" as, for Christians, St Francis calls to mind notions of renewal or refreshment. (as it turns out, "useless spick" would have been far more appropriate) Apparently the chap who started this, back in the day, had been named after a Pagan God and was suitably embarrassed about this when he ascended to the Throne of St Peter. hence, he decided to take a Regnal name. Maybe the tradition seems strange to non-Christians (although its common for secular Monarchs too) but much less so than, say, Dave down the pub going by "Mohammed-Al-Bongo-Bongo" or something.
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