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  1. Bluto10

    In The News

    haha. the turks will be in there in force too
  2. Bluto10


    don’t be so silly!
  3. Bluto10


    haha verdomde buitenlanders, die hier komen en al onze banen aannemen
  4. a couple tripel karneliets :cool::beer:
  5. old Roman is a hard man to please
  6. that’s the one parky, cheers. always thought that was the original, it was out long before the orange film branding cover.
  7. hemmin don yer disprit ti chaht wi meh chaht wee meh aye was 9:95 euro dollars for moi aussi
  8. that your usual? aye thought I recognized it from you. diff supermarket = different options. I normally get yealands \whalestale from the offlicence enjoying it
  9. Bluto10


    makes for a bloody good football team tho first African nation to win the wc
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