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  1. I thought my comment was comedy gold. try imgbb
  2. aye dazz, I know. hadnt thought of that
  3. cheers. nae on tv here agreed, very drinkable drop. too drinkable ...
  4. who’s on DF ? got some of that in the @fridge
  5. thornbridge yelamu \ bbno dipa earlier val dieu tripelS now
  6. your gonna need a bigger telly, MT min
  7. few ipas this afternoon for the football
  8. agree marketing gets in way of things sadlyI hard to avoid in the craft beers modern world
  9. of course. we all know that. it’s modern beer. However as RF indicated it tastes good. bacon tastes good. pork chops taste good. and bb beers taste good.
  10. haha Laces are original aswell theyll be gone soon. I’ve been walking round with holes in the sole since April. one last hurrah after winter hibernation for them I reckon RS
  11. i know. keep my trap shut next time
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