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  1. :laughing: and you had the cheek to call me a dick. LOL * calm down Parky it’s not a dig at you. it’s just a joke
  2. always thought Kafka (owners?) had ideas above their station heard some not good stories (unsure on veracity) seen their Xmas cards for top customers (lol) rememver their more primitive roots on rosemount road next to going dutch end of the day I buy my clothes online. I’d rather be on a pub than a shop
  3. franz kafka. born 1821. died 1881 ...
  4. decent at writing books* read one of them a week
  5. guess you RS (and OJJ \ Frigo) canna pull it off .... lol
  6. life’s a catwalk lads :cool: first pink item of clothing since 1999-2008 cyclical
  7. lol ill (not) take that as a compliment
  8. foto vinden op internet :cool::beer:
  9. Same with Duvel, has a D at base of the glass. (Delirium also and few other Belgian beers)
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