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  1. Simpletons are invariably arseholes - BrianFaePerth
  2. If a simpleton like Jimmy believes something, eh will believe the opposite.
  3. To be fair, any organisation that hires you is doing it out of pity
  4. BrianFaePerth

    In The News

    Big money in recruitment. If you hire out a loser that doesn’t pass probation, you get to hire them out again within 6 months. Just make sure you get most of your fees up front. Easy money.
  5. Wouldn’t stop poodler if what eh have heard is true
  6. Lies, damn lies, and statistics
  7. Show some respect for your elders. He paced his garden knowing full well the covids which was decimating the population just like the Black Death (is that racist to say?) could come a calling for him at any moment
  8. The likes of Montrose, even with only 2 proper sides to the park could easily host their usual 4-500 no problem. How the fuck they’re supposed to survive this is beyond me. There’s not even a gracious visit from sevco bestowing wealth on the city.
  9. Morning harcus, you not got crops to harvest?
  10. Should it happen, only people fighting the flames will need to wear muzzles.
  11. Hate the way edits are now
  12. What’s it called? We might stop by for a swift half.
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