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  1. BrianFaePerth

    In The News

    Princess Rachel Zane accusing the royals of racialism. Elton will be getting a song ready for her.
  2. ^^if that’s what you type aff it, best get back on it.
  3. Big week coming up misers, get yourself in the appropriate thread with updates
  4. Never in doubt. It was a lot earlier than Salzburg’s 4th goal which eh also needed on a different bet.
  5. was looking at the results this morning and thinking “yassss, all 4 have come in, as eh knew they would”, then realised pater had taken B36 at -2 and eh almost fell off the crapper laughing
  6. Today eh am mainly counting the paper won on the inaugural BFF. Get yourself over to the betting forum for lots of non DWT terrificness
  7. Morning BFF fans 4 predictions, 4 winners Eh even stuck a cheeky quadruple on HB, B36, KI and Vikingur to win, and win they did. One little confession, GI is the name Vikingur used to go by. Oops.
  8. When you’re stacking paper later you won’t be complaining
  9. Been for a dook earlier. Stunning day today.
  10. Mindarie. Indian Ocean Brewing Company vibes
  11. Beach walk done Pool done Few beers at the marina done Tea soon
  12. Don’t give a fuck what you think. Prick. PS. Please put a line on to raise the profile.
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