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  1. I'd be pretty pleased if we gained 0 points on you while winning our next 2 games. We'll be 6 ahead by Christmas anyway
  2. Great corner from Hedges. Almost scored against Killie I think it was trying the same. I think he might have at least half meant it
  3. Exactly this. Better wrap all our players in clingfilm for the next few weeks
  4. Totally different scenario. McCrorie has signed a long term contract. He's our player for all but a technicality. Any improvement or increase in value through him playing is to our benefit
  5. No-one has even thought about paying £3m for Watkins Cosgrove should be back in the team once fit. Apart from anything else, he's our player and not a loanee
  6. I mean, if you have to make up your own TV show, maybe it's an indication you shouldn't be on TV
  7. Could only watch 5 seconds before I was in danger of destroying my phone
  8. Do you think Budge is responsible for Coronavirus, because I sense a theme developing?
  9. Strange accompliament for mince and tatties but whatever floats your boat
  10. I hope I'm not making a meal of this
  11. If he get another injury he's tatties
  12. Just because you don't get it...
  13. Fuck him, he's a cunt with rotten teeth
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