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  1. a lot of parents of city centre paperboys wish you said that 20 years ago
  2. Captain Caveman

    Fight Club

    You’d a big advantage in fights cause no cunt wanted to get close to your stench
  3. Captain Caveman

    In The News

    I’d respond but wouldn’t want another begging PM from you asking me to go easy on you
  4. As I thought some foul reasons behind the midnight flit of the fatman & her. Why wouldn’t they be on Hibs forums? Scary stuff the people you talk to online without knowing their history. I’ll be back in March to reveal all if they haven’t confessed.
  5. fuckoff your not even an Aberdeen fan and you’re calling Blutes a charlatan. Fucking useless spunk Falkirk cunt, pipes had you sussed a long time ago.
  6. What did you do for Hogmanay @@Henry
  7. I backed the opposite 4, very close to a nice return
  8. far too much strays ruining the site, going back to abmad days was always north east loons with a few Tup types now the sites full of lonely cunts with fuck all interest in Aberdeen just looking for company. It’s not and AFC chat site anymore just a home for lonely cunts with only internet friends. Moobs being the prime example. Good lads like Dayts, Razor, Pipes and more being turned off by all the weegie, Dundee, aids riddled, Falkirk triangle type cunts. Mods not the problem it’s just not an AFC site anymore
  9. Captain Caveman

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    Nae like you to be thinking of cocks bri
  10. Captain Caveman


    Never made stovies with roasters but I’m thinking they’d be fine.
  11. Captain Caveman

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    he was 12 when this photo was taken
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