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  1. We’ve got a lot of lads that can’t read or write properly hence my suggestion.
  2. Could we set up a hat live covid debate? Nae faces though just a sort of radio type gig, I’d be the host obviously
  3. A great exchange, kudos to you both
  4. Lockdown has added to the challenge
  5. Oldest game in the world innit? 30 years man and boy
  6. Did one of Europe’s top gamblers tell you that
  7. So your knowledge of whisky is based on what “your people” think rather than your own taste. strange fella
  8. It’s a great drop the DW but I’d ask you to try the Glenlivet 15 year old French oak reserve for £40 and see what you think?
  9. You could’ve been picking fruit all summer but chose not to.
  10. It’s a scam. 2 deaths but they count if the person tested positive for it even though it wasn’t the cause of death
  11. Moobs will be chuffed. He loves music threads
  12. It’s fisherman’s blues by the waterboys. lots of them on here
  13. Do you know the name of the song the Irish call their real national anthem Rocket? genuine question
  14. Congrats on your best ever post. A simple yet effective summary
  15. That was due to residency issues though not the fact he hadn’t yet sold his home in Norway
  16. You should brew a fruity IPA an call it honking Bri
  17. Depends if you’re close to a stinking cunt
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