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  1. So true, every subject on here gets turned into an Indy debate, we know it's safe to play and so do her supporters but you won't get one on here say that, it's back the leader regardless, fuck your own opinion.
  2. Is it safe to play the closed door game on Wednesday is the discussion?
  3. Is is safe for the game to be played? That's the only question that needs asked. Will it be decided on safety grounds? The cult fair move in packs, all I'm pointing out is it won't be a safety or football decision.
  4. What happened to flattening the curve to help the NHS? There was a doctor on Radio Scotland today pleading with people to start contacting their GP again as hospitals were quiet and admissions were way under what they should be. The fear of god has been put into people, hardly anyone is dying from the virus or getting seriously ill, it's now a political thing. She needs to fuck off and get off the tv, her PM did it Months ago.
  5. Both teams will have many covid tests over the last few weeks, Aberdeen even more so since last weekend, it won't be played in front of crowds. Elsewhere in Europe teams have had positive tests and the games went ahead. Of course it's political and the grandstanding that's coming with it is getting far more obvious, the daily nicola show was used as a platform for apologies to school kids today, it really shouldn't be allowed, no party in a democratic system has ever milked the national state media platform like she's doing. Wednesday will again be herr sturgo doing what's best for the nation....allow a football game in a lockdowned city!!!! are you mad, I'm cautious Nicola, I cry at queues, vote for independence. She's appealing to her cult and babs off facers. I bet schools are more important than Football matches gets a roll out. She won't cancel the tim game though, her core support. Why can't the cult see what's happening??
  6. The SPFL will want to play the game, same as the ST Johnstone game, this will a government call, we know not for health reasons.
  7. Saying it's a Wednesday call as well, wise up min, decision is already made. No way announces an easing of lockdown even though we've seen no covid hospital admissions in Aberdeen, it will be a good few weeks yet and the match off.
  8. NATIONAL clinical director Jason Leitch has said that he cannot confirm that Aberdeen's Premiership match with Hamilton on Wednesday will go ahead.Leitch has been briefing the managers and captains of all Scottish Premiership clubs at 5pm this evening at the end of a week which saw eight Aberdeen stars forced to quarantine after a night out in the city which is now under lockdown measures.Speaking on the Go Radio show, Leitch said the Zoom Call had gone well but he couldn't guarantee yet that Wednesday's Pittodrie showdown against the Accies would be going ahead."It certainly is NOT confirmed. Everybody is hopeful."Everybody is hopeful that Aberdeen city will get through this outbreak and get out the other end of it."But we have some important decisions to make on Wednesday for the population at largeAnd depending on that, it will have an influence on the game and what can happen around that."Because this game is in Aberdeen, not an away game."The wish is that elite football, like all elite sports, gets back as quick as they possibly can. But they have also got a responsibility. With privilege comes responsibility and that is what we have been getting across to clubs."For the first time I think, all captains and all managers have been in the one place at the one time, so it is a pretty unique moment, expressing the seriousness with which we are all taking this."The SPFL convened this and I and a couple of others from the Government went on and it was constructive and friendly but you won't be surprised to hear that I was pretty robust and assertive."Because I am a football fan and I don't want that return to be put at risk."Nor do I want people abused or vilified in any way - people make mistakes so let's move on from that."But this might have been a moment in time where football players realise we are not messing around here."750,000 people have died from this virus globally so you trifle with this virus at your peril."As for a swift return of football in front of crowds, Leitch said the Aberdeen row hasn't done that idea any favours."I don't think this has helped but this wasn't a fan problem."We are worried about indoor hospitality, we have got an outbreak now in Aberdeen which is 167 people.""The broader question on the guidance as to whether players should go out at all."I think there is an argument that elite sports people should go beyond the guidelines, not think they are just behaving like the general public."Rod Petrie, Chair of the Joint Response Group, said: “The JRG is thankful to Professor Leitch, as well as the managers and captains of Scottish Premiership clubs, for facilitating a video call to reinforce the message that Scottish football is serious in its commitment to helping the country emerge from the COVID crisis as safely as possible.“The events of last week were deeply regrettable but the JRG commends the immediate response by the Aberdeen owner, David Cormack, and the manager, Derek McInnes, in dealing with the matter and providing government with the necessary confidence that there will be no repeat."
  9. Game looking unlikely on Wednesday, think it will be left to Sturgo to deliver the news in her daily chat show. Piss poor way to run a government, hope they at least don't let Hamilton travel.
  10. Hahaha, I'm not their keeper, they were in though and no doubt will have to face the consequences now. Makes it worse they were out and not even boozing.
  11. The guy Gallagher signed from Ross County plays centre mid and yeah Virtanen is injured, great chance for some of the fringe players to get their chance, could be a blessing in disguise, players actually playing for the shirt and not going through the motions like last weekend.
  12. Would be good to see the licensing board at the council do something about Soul, shut it down for a few Months as a lesson to others. Place is dire anyway, wouldn’t be missed.
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