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  1. Been a season ticket holder for years but rarely go due to the dross on view, think I will give up the seats unless there's change. Just worn me down too much, didn't even care we lost today. We should be challenging for a Champions league spot, the exciting football promised never came.
  2. Season tickets will be non existent without change, no one is paying to keep that weegie fucker in a job. During the week he was asked who at Rangers he would take to get the Wright transfer through, he drivelled over morelos, I was listening shaking my head.
  3. Mallard is a great boozer. Depending on weather conditions I'd maybe sit out the game there.
  4. daytripping


    I'm going to very soon. Can do it nae problem with patches but it's the routine I miss. Have got myself a vape now, will use patches to quit the nicotine, vape so I can still go for a smoke and avoid work.
  5. daytripping


    Only going by what I see, don't look at the arrival board. still seems to be plenty of flights, my smoke shack looks onto the runway.
  6. daytripping


    Got the MRI scan in Poland but they wouldn't let me out for a smoke, told them to fuck it and left. It looked a 3rd World hospital. Woke the next day with blood all over my pillow but wasn't due to fly home till the next day. Went on the piss, great day, flew home, drove to ARI, 3 days in, fixed.
  7. daytripping


    You'd love Krakow min, tidy birds everywhere. Really great place if you keep your wits about you. I never do.
  8. daytripping


    Broken jaw sounds trivial, the pain after the operation to plate it together is fucking horrendous. Really climbing the walls stuff, meds hardly made a dent. Horrible injury to ever get. Surgeon said he had to cut through the saliva gland, the leaking made the pain. Don't get beaten up.
  9. daytripping


    Krakow is magic, been twice, knocked out and broken jaw on both sides first trip, ripped off for a grand second trip. Still love the place, will go back again when we're allowed, will try and behave. Think I'm older and wiser now.
  10. daytripping


    Every person should visit it once, should be on the school curriculum. We need to remember what was done. My granda almost died fighting the nazi, 2 years in hospital, hole in his body was huge where he was shot. Just a young lad doing his best. Never forget what they did for us.
  11. daytripping


    Standing cells looked horrific, in a cell about 2 foot by 2 foot, had to stand for days/weeks in your own piss and shit. Weekend in queen street is bad enough.
  12. daytripping


    I found it very tame. Birkenau you could tell would have been rough but not so bad. Worst thing for me was big groups of teenage jewish soldiers, they were utter wankers, didn't give a fuck, walking about laughing and joking, horrible people.
  13. I'd be wary, could cost you an arm an leg. Invest in Greggs, been hammered the last year, will come back.
  14. daytripping


    I took her to Auschwitz to show her the horror of war, we did it on the cheap though, got the train there. Tickets were all sold out when we arrived. It opens for free at 4pm every day. We went to a local pub and got pissed waiting, don't think it was the best state of mind to view the place. I thought the digs looked ok. We'll go back sober, was interesting but think you need to be sober to appreciate it.
  15. daytripping


    Great leader who saved us from tyranny, I hope it is.
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