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    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/6580853/shannon-myers-stephen-stennett-baby-crash-fife/ kept her dead baby for 5 days. Wonder how the nurses/ midwifes etc coped with that in the room.
  2. Scott Wright is a disgusting pig
  3. Get on down to the music threads GR! You'll never listen to that tripe again!
  4. Cindurranella *slightly edited
  5. It would have a big picture of Barney Crockett on the front giving the V's to the public probably better viewing than watching that disgusting fraud Ash Taylor play though.
  6. Surely must be better than Ojo already
  7. Taylor wasn't the worst is the best I can say about him fuck India
  8. A former lover got in touch recently. Speaking away, she advised me to get this book of poems by a late pal of hers, Sean Bonney. it arrived the other day. Poems mean fuck all go me, it's shit if anyone wants it it's heading to a recycling bin in Rosemount
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