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  1. Poodler

    The Cryptos

    Who’s in Geldofs gang? hutch wasnt
  2. Poodler

    In The News

    I don’t really trust yer spook in a work capacity so I’m probably a racist, but you must realise what all the BLM stuff is about? Come oaaaannn. They just want equality man.
  3. Poodler

    In The News

    https://www.orcadian.co.uk/kirkwall-mum-left-terrified-by-baby-monitor-peeping-tom/ I breastfeed in that room. If anyone has the videos. Send em on
  4. 2 x cheese toasties from Gourmet Cheese co in Rosemount my word. Heavy
  5. Poodler

    The Cryptos

    He brings in the viewers. A decent man of reason aswell. if he were to be forced out again by over zealous moderating it would be a massive blight on the already poor reputation of SOTR and Beebs
  6. He’s been busy as a peeping Tom using a baby monitor
  7. Poodler

    The Cryptos

    Was it you who told of an anecdote about kicking through a wall in a pub in India? Vague recollections
  8. What’s likely to happen is 20 years of talk and delays and eventually they will put some new trees and paths around the beachfront. don’t get sucked in by this political nonsense.
  9. How does campbell compare with Jack when he was that age? Was that hun imposing himself on games? I can’t remember I remember him being a bit of a wimp though
  10. Poodler

    The Cryptos

    Do you have the feeling back now?!
  11. https://www.afc.co.uk/2021/04/15/introducing-the-all-new-85-86-retro-collection/
  12. Amusing that old Philip was the purveyor of good taste
  13. Poodler

    The Cryptos

    I don’t think you’d get beaten up in Cheers
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