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  1. Had a bay chipper this evening on the way up the road. Usually good. very poor. Dunno if it's just been wildly busy today or something but tasted like a chipper you'd get in Glasgow. Soggy. We can all have an off day. Will be back. But Dyce SSS is still the champ
  2. Was up Meall a Bhuiridh and Creise, was with a blonde like. Nae dog though. Fucking superb weather, hope you got oot
  3. Dylan, Knopfler, Taylor sessions the rifleman stalks the sick the lame, preacherman seeks the same, who'll get there first is uncertain.
  4. You raise a good point Hanzoid he did have a big sign outside. Council said the overhang was too much, now not allowed anything. used to have wooden boards on union street and in that open space beside M&S directing people to it. Council said they weren't allowed. incredibly difficult to be an independent business with those disgusting pigs in the council raising your fees to pay for that unused office space on broad street
  5. Album : Dylan - Street Legal. Proper 70's Dylan. Neighbours getting a blast aswell driving to Glencoe shortly. Fine withr the morn
  6. Poor old man, he don't like blacks or queers, yet he's glad we beat the nazis. How queer.
  7. Surely it's not under rated, it's the only one I would choose to put on!
  8. If you've nothing positive to say about the lord and saviour, please get out the way
  9. I've shown that piece of writing to so many people. At all times of day or night. JUST LOOK AT THIS. I don't get invited back to much parties anymore. he not busy being born is busy dying.
  10. summoning imagery of the master. A noble effort
  11. I think in your absence you may have missed my rise to prominent musical guru of the board. So whilst yes, musical opinion is that of the beholder, I have the final say on what constitutes a good album. I'm not judging you as a person, I'm just telling you your opinion on this matter is wrong.
  12. Them were dark days! I hope the brothers in McKennas new team don't find out about his racist incident
  13. You've been good since you came back but disagree on the Arctics and F DC. is there a best debut album thread? I expect there will be! id certainly agree re self titled clash though. Cover to cover, bloody great.
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