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  1. If you've nothing positive to say about the lord and saviour, please get out the way
  2. I've shown that piece of writing to so many people. At all times of day or night. JUST LOOK AT THIS. I don't get invited back to much parties anymore. he not busy being born is busy dying.
  3. summoning imagery of the master. A noble effort
  4. I think in your absence you may have missed my rise to prominent musical guru of the board. So whilst yes, musical opinion is that of the beholder, I have the final say on what constitutes a good album. I'm not judging you as a person, I'm just telling you your opinion on this matter is wrong.
  5. Them were dark days! I hope the brothers in McKennas new team don't find out about his racist incident
  6. You've been good since you came back but disagree on the Arctics and F DC. is there a best debut album thread? I expect there will be! id certainly agree re self titled clash though. Cover to cover, bloody great.
  7. Frustrating. I had 3-0 sporting at HT Nah, hedges and Ferguson are arite, it's a shame the dons have zero finishers on their books
  8. see the club has contacted bars about playing the game on private subscriptions, stealing £ from the club. They'll be sending people out to see who has it on snitches
  9. Intentions of going but only make it as far as the Scotia?
  10. Poodler


    I'm out just now but will get it to you tonight
  11. The tories love the public thinking that the nhs is a charity
  12. I'd still love to see Jim Traynor he struck by a 🚛
  13. Poodler


    Was reading a research paper last night describing mutations of the virus by examining samples from the start of the outbreak and samples a few months in, having been through a few hosts. it stopped short of saying 'could it be that the mutations have actually made it weaker' because WHO etc wouldn't allow that sort of stuff to be printed. When the main men are profiting from your lockdown misery (Vallance sharegate) it's time to RISE
  14. Hopefully doesn't go to extra time or pens as the bar will have to shut 😹
  15. They promotion contenders this year? I know nothing about them other than Stuart Pearce took over them a few years ago and was rubbish just had a look at their squad https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/teams/first-team/ quite heavy on the brothers.
  16. Poodler


    I think that ten times more likely stat has been extremely diluted now. I still have access to medical journals/ databases (until the end of this calendar year) but I fear that the information is being restricted by WHO and other influential bodies for compliance with government policy
  17. Was in today and will be in tomorrow N is a good pal. Did you Buy a record other than that monstrosity?
  18. There's a video of him doing his big hit with Dode on YouTube. Talk about being upstaged. Play to your strengths. That would be like me going toe to toe with pipes in the beard stakes. Or up for a header against ebbe
  19. Poodler


    😂 settle still worth one UTA, Milnzoid?
  20. There's a very good pub that I frequent that will have it on 3-0 Sporting. We won't have a sniff
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