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  1. ebbe


    Rap up you trumpet.
  2. ebbe


    Coronavirus doesn’t exist, except in your minds. 564 pages of gullibility.
  3. I like you MT but I’m not tolerating this hunnery. Huns were killed by other huns. So what.
  4. Never drinking again after my carry on the last few days.
  5. Aye the stigma around mental health for blokes is unreal. Men should not be afraid to admit they are losing their grip on reality.
  6. Put on a couple of stone in Cornhill. Trying to lose at it this time of year is pointless.
  7. ebbe


    Shows how ignorant you are. Barnard Castle is where Glaxo are based. He was making final adjustments for unleashing a bioweapon. This is a cull of the weak by the rich. I'm all for it.
  8. He's still kicking. Hopefully you get 'the Rona' you smelly cunt.
  9. Not as hard as Ebbe Skovdahl's. Could hardly get out my bed for two weeks after.
  10. Cheers. Took me a while to get over the big man's death.
  11. A lifetime of being a dick is no achievement that's why.
  12. ebbe


    You are a fucking wet wipe.
  13. Best thing you’ve ever written. Well In old boy.
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