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  1. Thought Damian was a rattlesnake? And he was before baldy.
  2. ebbe

    In The News

    Hahaha. Pot, kettle.
  3. Cormack is a balloon for not binning McDogshit as a matter of urgency. Completely unacceptable.
  4. ebbe

    Pet Hates

    You bought that 600 tins of beans yet min?
  5. Still on the go from the night before. Into a decent boozer for opening with a decent juker and the show goes on until about 18:00, then retire home with a mountain of scran which doesn’t get touched.
  6. There’s a new sheriff in town.
  7. ebbe

    In The News

    There’s a line. You just crossed it.
  8. You’re fairly pressing on with that bottle.
  9. ebbe

    In The News

    Less of the British talk you skinny demon running from fool.
  10. @@reekie_dock dealing with an octopus just now.
  11. ebbe

    In The News

    He’s/was one of our own
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