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  1. Thought Damian was a rattlesnake? And he was before baldy.
  2. ebbe

    In The News

    Hahaha. Pot, kettle.
  3. Cormack is a balloon for not binning McDogshit as a matter of urgency. Completely unacceptable.
  4. ebbe

    Pet Hates

    You bought that 600 tins of beans yet min?
  5. Still on the go from the night before. Into a decent boozer for opening with a decent juker and the show goes on until about 18:00, then retire home with a mountain of scran which doesn’t get touched.
  6. There’s a new sheriff in town.
  7. ebbe

    In The News

    There’s a line. You just crossed it.
  8. You’re fairly pressing on with that bottle.
  9. ebbe

    In The News

    Less of the British talk you skinny demon running from fool.
  10. @@reekie_dock dealing with an octopus just now.
  11. ebbe

    In The News

    He’s/was one of our own
  12. ebbe

    Pet Hates

    Thought it was Oman you worked.
  13. Diabolical aperitif.^^^^. The blue bottle.*
  14. It’s a minefield out there Jimbo. I personally wish you well.
  15. It’s positive news after signing that previously bald 3yard merchant McGeouch.
  16. Ken, I’ve lost the plot. I’m thinking of starting a podcast.
  17. Just PM me next time you think about attending an Aberdeen game. I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and turn up wherever you are. I’ll then put all this and you to sleep. This is the last I’m saying to you in public on this you boring, tedious shite house.
  18. He got offered that, after all his shite the last time. Shat that aswell. He’s a stinking, rotten ogre sat behind a computer yapping like he’s some kind of colossus. I’m beyond joking and trying to make light of his following me around shite. It won’t be long before I’m offering money for a real name, just to hammer home the “Ned” accusations.
  19. You’ll see exactly how grown up I am you fucking embarrassment. Your shitey insults over a 6 year period have bored me to the point that I’m now actively seeking to snap both your arms.
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