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  1. I often think this. @MT usually gets upset.
  2. It will be great for kids actually, to think none of them have experienced anything of the like. But will they really get into it? Will it excite and enthrall them like it did for us 20 or 30 years ago? We'll see.
  3. Bit condescending no? We can all see the mistake, it's characterising it as a result of shoehorning a player into a position he can't play I objected to- I just think it's a bit simplistic to look at it that way. I'm only trying explain my opinion rather than patronise someone who disagrees.
  4. They've all done brilliantly to qualify here, McTominay included. I suppose I just don't see the need to focus on the negative. Guys like McBurnie deserve disdain every time though.
  5. I think that's being a bit harsh on tonight's performance, he's doing well there and we don't have loads of better options. It is Scotland were talking about and at this level our defenders almost never have flawless performances so didn't see the point getting upset about McTominay making the mistake.
  6. Mcburnie is lazy and doesn't really seem to have a clue.
  7. Yeah but any of our back three could just as easily have made that mistake. It's not like the others are top quality CBs and McTominay has let them all down- he's been very decent there.
  8. It's not a failure to evolve though- it's realising what has worked the last 3 or 4 games and not going back to what didn't work in the previous 20. The evolution we need is to improve the weak areas without fucking up the strengths. Ie. replace Jack with someone who's not already doing well in the team. Fuck it try Tierney as a holding midfielder. If we really MUST pick the gimp.
  9. We tried that several times before and weren't very good. Also who would replace mcTominay? Armstrong is a player I really like but tbh he's done fuck all for Scotland the last few years. Flatters to deceive. Basically you'd dismantle 2 areas that are ok at the moment to badly fix one area that's weak.
  10. Not for me. We just aren't good enough overall to have one of our deep midfielders trying to bomb forward and also have Christie, Fraser, Dykes attacking. We've done ok with 2 sitting and McGinm pushing on behind Dykes and Fraser.
  11. I don't think Scotland have the quality for another attacking player. Clarke has made us ugly by effective, time to stick with it for a bit. Agree with that.
  12. Give it 6 months and Gilmour will hopefully have Jacks jersey.
  13. Got to disagree, he's been shite for Scotland in that deep role and great as the forward midfielder. There's only a handful of functional bits of this team, I wouldn't tamper with them. Jack is pish I agree but id rather replace him with someone else.
  14. Have you watched Scotland the last few games? McGinns direct running behind the striker is essential- I wouldn't put him in the deeper midfield role ahead of anyone.
  15. Is "not minding it" a good endorsement for our national stadium? It's not the mindset we need mhd, we need a stadium that's actually brilliant to go to and something we can be a bit proud of.
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