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  1. I'm relatively certain you didn't get either version of the joke.
  2. Would make sense if we can get him in.
  3. *His cock was only 38 yards away though
  4. The positive here is that Taylor and Devlin aren't very good and it's an opportunity to get better replacements in. Considine we should keep and Hoban I'd be offering a deal if he's injury free until end of October. Hopefully he'll sign up. Agree we still need someone coming in for McKenna though.
  5. If we sell McKenna for £2m I wouldn't be surprised if we don't pay for a replacement. If we sell for £3m with "realistic" add ons to £5m then I reckon there will be a few hundred thousand there to spend but clearly we won't advertise that fact.
  6. That would be a pretty good deal for us if true.
  7. Absolutely but that's my point. Even if we spend half of that fee (we won't) well really struggle to replace with a similar calibre player.
  8. That's the stupidity of (if we have) accepting £2m - very hard for us to we replace him for even half of that.
  9. Call it a draw. 2.2 is NOT a win for the club though. That's appallingly low fee for a young international CB, even a mediocre Scottish one.
  10. Well no we won't get that sort of fee but £1-1.5m is absolutely nothing now to about 50 clubs in England. They spend more on youth players and squad fillers. People need to put it in that perspective, average players go for "big" fees down south. Look at McBurnie- £20m or something wasn't it? He's fairly shite, hardly 20 times the player McKenna is.
  11. Despite his serious drop off last year, we shouldn't sell the lad for anything like as low as £1.5m. Take a look at the English transfer market. Absolutely average players going for 5x that.
  12. Makes it interesting doesn't it? And we look like we have found a system and the players to make it work at just the right time to ensure 3rd qualification place.
  13. It's definitely a big part of the problem. Then there's the fact the SFA are so hated here and that the national team has been shite for years. It also doesn't help the way OF players are immediately venerated above others. Lots of other reasons too - people just get sick of it.
  14. Yeah I can't really get my head around those people who most vociferously don't want to be in charge of their own country. Outrageous idea to be in charge of your own affairs!!
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