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  1. That's not really what I was getting at - yes I do think Watkins covers more ground than Cosgrove but it's more how the rest of the team and McInnes will react to the presence of a big target up front thats a concern. I think we definitely need a couple of decent options up front with different styles. Main I personally don't think is good enough so it's good to have Watkins and Edmundson to rotate with Cosgrove.
  2. Were missing Cosgrove goals but I don't think he ever did as much as Watkins does to make space for attacking players around him. When Cosgrove comes back will it be back to hoofball again?
  3. Disappointing but when you look at it dispassionately we don't have the quality of player needed for these sort of opponent's. A bit more class up front and we might have scored. A bit more about us in centre mid and a CB who can take the ball and pass it out from the back and we'd possibly look like a half decent Europa team.
  4. I'd hook Taylor as well, go 4 at the back. We don't need the Welsh dresser against a team that's cultured like this lot. Get Edmundson up front with Watkins and Hedges supporting/running off
  5. Tragic watching this game with no atmosphere the stadium should be rocking, travelling dandies going mental etc.
  6. It's absolutely a good thing. This money will save the club, fuck worrying about not being able to spend it all on a few additions. Imagine if it happened the other way, say we sold McKenna last year and the spunked the money on more expensive shite like Bryson or worse Gleeson. Then covid hit and we didn't have anyone to sell. THAT would have been bad "luck"
  7. That's about recollection as well. Not sure about the Wallace back to Hearts angle but I assume all these clubs got their money somehow. Having said that, they wouldn't have paid up if they weren't forced to. They'd no choice.
  8. I think we might try and stick to that but with no prospect of fans in the ground it's got to be much harder to achieve. Selling McKenna is huge right now. There are surely going to be clubs which end up making lots of people redundant when furlough ends.
  9. Ironic really as they must be one of the few clubs that have forced another into liquidation. If I recall correctly David Murray was instrumental in Airdrie being wound up (they owed his businesses money I assume)
  10. It's quite funny if they actually think they are the most financially sound club in Scotland. Actually is it even funny? Tragic really. Something is seriously, seriously wrong with these people.
  11. Yep. And a lot more employees throughout the club. When furlough ends next month, how many clubs can afford to retain staff that aren't doing anything when stadiums are locked down? It's bad for the OF as much as the rest of us.
  12. Hopefully he learns and really improves down there and earns us more money in future.
  13. I'm relatively certain you didn't get either version of the joke.
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