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  1. I think you're losing perspective a bit here. Sorry if you've lost people to this virus but it wasn't created by Aberdeen football players, they just made a mistake and went to the pub in a larger group than they should have. They could have went in groups of 3 and would have been within the rules. It's not some heinous crime.
  2. That's pretty stupid even for a thicko like Boyd. Maybe we should just play all our remaining games for the season without the 8 players- for "sporting integrity". Basically Boyd is just a troll.
  3. It should definitely go ahead imo - as long as we don't get anymore positive tests in the squad.
  4. What possible argument does he have for that? Weird some of the shite these pundits come out with and label as "sporting integrity". Ps - Every time I hear a journo or pundit using the term "sporting integrity" it comes across as a complete fuck you to fans who wanted Rangers punished for decades of cheating. It's deployed as a wee back handed dig at fans imo.
  5. Yeah I dont see why the club should be punished for a beach of lockdown rules players made in their own time. If we had say lied abouting our players being tested and being clear to play that would be something for the club to be punished for imo. But only rangers have done that so far I think - so clearly no punishment to happen there!
  6. fair enough. I thought you had stated you didn't care about the lockdown/pandemic but couldn't accept players going out after losing a football match.
  7. Yeah my point about being allowed to socialise was just in general- I wasnt taking the virus risk into consideration there because Dons79 seems to suggest players shouldn't be allowed to leave the house or have a normal life after a defeat- which I think is a bit silly and very dated thinking.
  8. Surely not another injury. Wasn't training cancelled last week due to the covid risk?
  9. Be angry at an abject performance by all means but I can't agree that they shouldn't be allowed to socialise or celebrate a birthday with friends. They've as much right as anyone else to do that.
  10. It's only a couple of weeks since Sevco breached the testing protocols and allowed a friendly to go ahead without the test test results for their players. I don't recall Kris Boyd calling for action to be take on that funnily enough even though it's a far more clear cut and deliberate beach of the rules by the club and not just some players making bad choices in their free time. So Huns in the media are in absolutely no position to criticise anyone else.
  11. There's some truth in that. I don't think Sturgeon's reaction was that ott really, she was similarly pissed off with large groups massing on beaches a few days ago so I think it's just to be expected. Players have apologized so that's the next step along the road to recovery. Next I think we will surely see some confirmation they've either been fined or they have donated wages to a local charity supporting people affected by covid19 in some way. Then we need to get back to playing football again and the whole thing is only finally behind the club when the isolating players return to the team in a few weeks.
  12. Spot on. It's not Sturgeon's fault though. Our players acted irresponsibly and without thinking about the possible consequences. I don't really see anything political in the government's response. Not sure how they could justify doing that. The players did what they did without the club's permission and while away from work. It's a matter for the club to deal with its employees. We also had a very recent precedent of Sevco knowingly ignoring the testing protocols so they could play a friendly in pre-season, which is a far worse breach and no action was taken.
  13. Yeah I get that he was just meant to be extra cover but if weve given him a contract I'd expect him to have some level of fitness. Not necessarily enough to play 3 games in 10 days mind you. We'll just need to blood another youngster at CB then. Considine will be back at some point as well?
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