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  1. Fell asleep at half time. My lasting impression was how bad county were. I also watched most of huns game and Motherwell were pretty bad. So we should finish third! edit: by a fair margin
  2. alscotoz

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    I worked in a bookies where Jim Baxter was a regular. He was a cunt.
  3. Agreed with the first part.Budgets only come into play if spent soundly. For example, I still can't believe ManU spent all that money on Maguire. He is fucking rank. More than it cost Liverpool to buy Virgil? Think Gerrard spending ten times more (arbitrary guess) on transfers than we have does not translate into a team that is ten times better? Are they even a bit better?
  4. 1-1. Post midweek deflation will come to the fore.
  5. It doesn't feel like McInnes had much to say about this signing. McInnes does appear to be a stubborn individual and I think if he did sign the boy he would play come hell or high water. Wonder if McInnes is petty as well?
  6. For some reason the commentators really got on my tits. I've seen two (incomplete) games now. The huns and yesterday. Have i missed the best part of the season?
  7. So 7.5 million then because he fits your criteria
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