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  1. Gallagher is so shit at football he's responsible for the wild fires in Australia.
  2. I'd like to see Cosgrove's bird and India in a half time centre circle mud wrestling match at the Dumbarton game.
  3. Is that real? They didn't seriously give Naismith a 4 year deal? I kinda feel sorry for Hearts fans (the non deluded ones). They are being royally mismanaged back into the championship. We complain about McInnes (and Milne) - at least we're not chapping on the door of relegation.
  4. Cosgrove has a regular sized penis but 2 metres of foreskin.
  5. All of them would get a length, however India is Queen of the Aiberdeen WAGS.
  6. Underwhelming. Got a lot to prove. Hopefully not another crock.
  7. I'd love for Anderson to start and win the game for us down there.
  8. Relegation fodder. Absolute numpty for a manager. Going down for sure. McInnes better not fuck it up when we play this dross.
  9. Hearts are pretty tin pot theses days: No manager taking training ahead of local derby. Bapit new stand that cost WAY over budget. Levein. Budge. Bottom of the league.
  10. He's been stealing a wage off us for so long. What's a fucking ease of space.
  11. Haha yup that's what I meant. Cheers. Also you got the point i was making across better in the post above mine.
  12. You'd expect with our budget to beat teams like Hibs and be competitive at the top. Currently we're 4th, get regularly pumped by the top 2 teams and we're digressing. All it will take is a couple of teams below us to buck up their ideas and we won't be anywhere near the European spots. If we win the Scottish Cup will all the McInnes hate go away? I'm pretty fickle and would say if win the cup I'd have no complaints and let him see out the rest of his contact.
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