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  1. Seems like a lot of Huns are obsessed with us more than Celtic these days.
  2. Tbh I was just being a twat and sulking coz we lost. Humour seems to be lost too.
  3. Cracking team selection today - we deserved that victory and looked better with the ball on the whole. McCrorie is a bloody good signing and our bench is ace. Stand Free!
  4. The fact that pubs and Restaurants have been opened without correct restrictions being enforced is what's really unprofessional - lots of people in a confined space spreading their germs about - only takes one positive case to cause an outbreak. The 8 players fucked up because they are too thick to understand they needed to stay covid free to be able to play football - limiting contact with others is how to avoid getting sick. It's not that difficult.
  5. Footballers are thick as fuck. They didn't take the rules seriously and have become the laughing stock of the country.
  6. Gallagher is so shit at football he's responsible for the wild fires in Australia.
  7. I'd like to see Cosgrove's bird and India in a half time centre circle mud wrestling match at the Dumbarton game.
  8. Is that real? They didn't seriously give Naismith a 4 year deal? I kinda feel sorry for Hearts fans (the non deluded ones). They are being royally mismanaged back into the championship. We complain about McInnes (and Milne) - at least we're not chapping on the door of relegation.
  9. Cosgrove has a regular sized penis but 2 metres of foreskin.
  10. All of them would get a length, however India is Queen of the Aiberdeen WAGS.
  11. I don't know how to post photos on here
  12. Underwhelming. Got a lot to prove. Hopefully not another crock.
  13. I'd love for Anderson to start and win the game for us down there.
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