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  1. Much as it pains me to say it, he is the right back in form. And hes not Stephen O'Donnell.
  2. Not a mono rail per se but they looked into an above ground tube type thing from deeside, Westhill, Dyce and BoD in the 80s. And worse still they first spoke about a flyover arrangement at Haudagain in the 70’s FFS
  3. Havent seen this story published. is it tied in with the pyramid speculation that saw the Brechin gadgie resign last week?
  4. Just so long as you are maintaining a degree of realism in your budget expectations for this new era you refer to.
  5. Absolutely agree. So have we decided on the colour scheme for the open top bus yet?
  6. Smacks of a distraction move to take attention away from Howe fuck up. Plus a wee cost us the Ten jibe for good measure.
  7. The shattered ankle off (think, can’t be arsed checking) that wanker Lasley for starters.
  8. No. Id like him to put all his efforts into having a team ready for the european qualifiers whenever that may be. Thats not to say he shouldnt put everything into the cup, just that he shouldn't be judged on it. But neither should he "think there was a lot to like about us" in an ultimately fruitless cup campaign just to then fuck off to dubai for three weeks on holiday before returning with some random players to a euro qualifier the night after. (I may have exaggerated this slightly but you get the drift)
  9. Am I the only one seeing scary faces in RS’ picture?
  10. No. Him too though. Hearts boy played 7 maybe? Cosgrove or something.
  11. There is a balance to be had in the modern game though. Tiernay and the young midfielder lad at hearts who’s name I forget are now pretty injury prone due to over exposure at a young age.
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