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  1. Cameras always shite up there. Cracking day too. Would have been a stottin day out.
  2. MCLEnNNANNN oh oh way oh..... EDMONNSSSONNN oh oh way oh... I feel I may have sussed Dereks signing policy. Song efficiency.
  3. HHHEERRNAANDEZZZZ - oh oh way oh, Hernandez etc etc
  4. Cant speak for others but I’m quite happy with the back 5 at least until other sides adapt to deal with it. What I don’t want is a back 5 with McRorie in it (so he’s not in midfield) or one with Niall McGinn pretending to be a wing back, particularly when we have 1, arguably 2 sitting on the pissing bench.
  5. When I think Burnley Ryan Christie is not the type of player who springs immediately to mind.
  6. That’s the age old arguement though - that discernible “leadership” quality. Best examples at Aberdeen, Miller, Aitken and Hegarty. Unquestionably leaders on the park (as an aside I’d have given an arm to watch Miller being reffed by thon plum the other night. 10 minutes in Willie would have had him telt!). But off the park, just not able to get the same reaction. I always had a theory that the great players didn’t understand why young players needed things explained to them. Often more than once.
  7. Russell and Mcnaughton. Struggling to name another defender who’s come close (bar Consi) since Wright (Hawk) and Robertson (Ptting)
  8. Thought he did fine. Couldn’t do much about the goal, just naive (new) defence all round and very well taken. Maybe not MoTM I’d give that to their no10 who was trying to get things going up front. Good chance of a sell on. Good chance of a managerial vacancy. Needs to be on the right side of it.
  9. Apologies for going all wogan-esq but as one of life’s inevitable tangents... I had guessed the Dutch bit, I was just shite at typing II. But I also knew about the Dumfries pronunciation due to a conversation at the Troon open 2000 ish. On seeing an American golfer in the bunker he remarked “there’s Tway in the bunker” (there were two Americans both in the bunker) to which I replied “no, that’s Parnevik” oh how we laughed, quietly obvs. true story! Thanks for indulging.
  10. How much did you pay Cavey? And why are you buying that on a year that its nae windy?
  11. Agree. We then invite pressure on the very players we're trying to rest. Caveat: Not sure what my forward line would be between Wright, Hedges, Mclennan, Edmondson and Watkins to get us those goals right enough.
  12. So why do the Dutch say Willem 11 "Willem tway" the same way they do in Dumfries?
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