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  1. They are applying the rule. The rule being if it’s a diddy we chuck them under the bus as unworthy until someone points out that doing so without thinking it through may upset 2 out of 42 chairmen at which point we backtrack, hide behind a postponement and hope that a/ nobody notices and b/ that all footballers continue as bastions of clean living.
  2. Not entirely convinced getting out of playing Celtic when the thick end of 9 first teamers short is being punished.....but I’ll live with it.
  3. I’ve a degree of sympathy with that as well. Yes I know there were legal problems within it but fundamentally it was hijacked by the “our sectarian normal should be everybody’s normal“ brigade
  4. It kind of pushes the testing part to one side ie the punishment (whether that’s postponement, forfeiture or full card cancellation) is solely for the standard guidelines breach albeit Bolingoli’s taken it to extremes. This is what I said from the outset of the 8’s case. If it’s solely for the guidelines breach then not a chance is Scottish fitba going to work.
  5. That said do we take the opportunity to ride the wave (of stupidity) and get Hamilton and the Tims called off and start again with everyone fully fit?
  6. I wur born in Durham and came home from whogivesashitistan in 3 different ambulances for universal credit kind of thing.
  7. Ok. So the club didn’t know he was away and no-one has tested positive (whether related to this or otherwise). So from a football perspective what’s the problem? edit: other than more proof were it needed that footballers are monumentally stupid.
  8. This is where it’ll get messy. Did the club know he was away? You’d have to assume not or surely they wouldn’t have been stupid enough to play him. Sorry but this was inevitable (Ok Spain’s a bit extreme) and is why I was always surprised that the SPFLs Default position was to isolate his entire training bubble. But presumably that only counts if one subsequently tests positive?
  9. I wur born in Durham but I wur beasted, bummed and broken in the Royal Navy.....kind of thing.
  10. He seems to need a cause to screw the nut for. Might as well be us. Him off Big Sam would be tidy.
  11. He reminded me of Cosgrove and Stockley before him. Spends so long fouling or being fouled that a rare decent touch takes you by surprise. As Julienne would testify. I’d put it down more to shocking defending to be honest.
  12. I concur. You don't even need to draw a comparison outwith football. The premiership players are playing solely because they signed up to a, for them, pretty simple set of rules. Other footballers from the Championship down to any loon in a formal SFA set up are currently sitting doing fuck all. And yes the timing, one game in and after a drubbing at that was horrendous!
  13. Could we not pay the men into battering the lassies to get proper jobs? Come to think of it we probably do.
  14. You mean apart from the two players with the potentially lethal virus?
  15. 2 stand outs. The Rosenberg result (thinking one off tie) and that they’re shite at penalties.
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