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  1. As always the answers somewhere in between. Regrettably a limited AFC side (limited in its apparent inability to play the kind of pass he needs) that now needs goals, results, points and confidence urgently doesn’t have the time to create the kind of development environment he needs. Time to do that is when we’re 2,3,4 goals to the good in games, not scraping a 1-0er and holding out like fuck (for an inevitable 1-1.
  2. So Bruce Anderson got a grand total of how many passes into the space in behind a defence that he thrives in? We can change one or t’other.
  3. M’lud I put it to you sir that my clients the codefendents could not have stolen the money and, as implied by my Honorable friend, lavished it on themselves in luxurious beauty treatments. I mean look at them. Munters to the core. Not guilty your honour.
  4. Up until last night I wasn’t convinced he was, and certainly not at the laughable numbers quoted by some. Disappointing.
  5. Played bloody well too. Classic AFC full back (admittedly he was at the time). Really a centre half.
  6. That’s the bit I don’t get with those saying no crowds neutralise the arse cheeks. Maybe at home (Hamilton would disagree) but away, so your home tie, it’s their £40m squad versus your £4m squad.
  7. Like that. As long as we’re not rushing Hoban back unnecessarily.
  8. Re the depressing nature of the thread. To go all Jeremy Irons In Margin Call for a minute, this is it. THIS IS IT. This is the product the clubs have chosen to sell to us. This is their model. Sell 4 Bigotfests to Sky and basically wing it for the rest. The closed door environment, admittedly hardly by choice, now Leaves them horribly exposed as to what the product on offer actually is. That said, within our own little bubble I don’t think there’s any doubt most feel we could be doing better. Better attitude, better tactics, even players etc etc. Cormack‘s dilemma is age old. We can be a just better than Motherwell 3rd or spend a fortune and be a just off the cheeks 3rd. But we’d still be 3rd. It’s a straightforward cost benefit sum as to whether entertainment (but still 3rd) puts bums on seats, or £££ in the account. Shift the positions (from 3rd to 1st) and Fergie said exactly the same thing about us in 84. Of course I guess it’s much easier to be critical when youre also champions of Europe right enough. To be clear I still think there’s a chink of light that we could still nick Rangers for 2nd with better application, simply because they are less well placed to respond to a challenge. A correctly managed a Celtic remain depressingly distant unless they themselves fuck it up (sell Edouard, persist with Brown and Bain).
  9. I agree no point crying over the early finish. Too hun like for my taste. FWIW I too think we’d have been 3rd but no matter. Robinson to Bournemouth. That’d be one in the eye for Derek, no?
  10. Tends to be pretty loyal. Outwardly blaming Kennedy for the goal wasn’t like him. I’ll say Hayes for Considine enforced and Leeds boy (what is his name ffs) for Anderson. edit: Edmondson you forgetful prick
  11. It’s just getting the balance though. You don’t want a Romanov “We’re going to win the Champions League” mentalist. You want someone who will sit down and methodically Seek to exploit their weaknesses, of which there are still several. Won’t (at least shouldn’t in a fair fight which it most certainly isn’t) immediately bring us 2nd or better, but at least we’d go toe to toe in an individual game for a change. And take it from there.
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