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    I assume Ruth Davidson will be demanding it.
  2. And a massive helping hand from the officials.
  3. It makes my skin crawl any time I hear anybody involved with Aberdeen, or any of the other clubs for that matter saying that Scottish football needs a strong rangers. The club and the scum that follow them are utter poison and could and should have been eradicated. The game in Scotland would have thrived eventually. Celtic would have been weakened and most other clubs would have found themselves better off in the long run and home gates would have improved with more local fans supporting their local team. How many buses leave towns and cities every other week headed for ibrox. Would these people have just given up watching live football? Some maybe, but the rest would have gone back to watching the teams that their fathers and grandfather's supported. I fucking hate the huns and to a marginally lesser extent celtic and when I say marginally I mean you could barely get a cigarette paper between them but I think even more than them I utterly detest and hold nothing but contempt for the sofa and spfl.
  4. No Nor will I be renewing DNA or redtv. Its not just the current situation at the club, but Scottish football as a whole that I'm finished with. There was a small glimmer of hope when the huns were liquidated. However ourselves and others failed to capitalise on that opportunity and now sevco are here and we are back to where we were (which is exactly what the splf want) . Utterly pointless. All Scottish football is is a platform for those two clubs to try and benefit from champions league cash, further widening the gap. As far as the mainstream media are concerned, there are only two teams worth giving breath to. I'm utterly sick of some of the sycophantic shite coming out of bbc sports sound on a nightly basis. FUCK SCOTTISH FOOTBALL I'M OUT.
  5. Never looked like scoring again. We can't even claim bad luck, we're just shite. Fucking depressing.
  6. So, Scott Wright comes on, makes zero impact and gets injured. Sounds familiar, enjoy him huns, he's all yours now.
  7. They love mcgregor on sports sound. Always banging on about what a great guy he is. This is the same Alan mcgregor who raped a woman and paid her a large sum of money to drop the charges. Yeah but that and his constant kicking out at opponents aside, what a model citizen.
  8. Bruce Anderson confirmed to accies.
  9. Your quite right. I do apologise.
  10. As long as Mcinness doesn't shunt him out onto the wing.
  11. Its called humour. Hornby make train sets. Sorry, thought it was fairly fucking obvious
  12. A good opportunity to get his career back on track
  13. I'm delighted if true. Very good at training I believe.
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