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  1. Nae defending the tinker but plastic pitches should really not be allowed (one of the reasons hes saying hes leaving). Shitebag clubs like Livi, Killie and Hamilton use it as an advantage and it causes injuries for players.
  2. Do they have a plastic pitch? Maybe worth Hoban not being risked on it this early. Other than if its nae broken dinna fix it. Keep the 3-4-3 team. Lewis Taylor McKenna Considine Kennedy Mcrorie Ferguson Hayes Wright Hedges Watkins
  3. Such a better team just keeping it on the deck rather than numerous punts up the pitch. Need a 2nd to kill this game off or it'll be a nervy end.
  4. Greg Stewart!? Come on now. Fat useless and shite years ago when we had him, doubt he's improved much.
  5. Since we've nae strikers, maybe we should adopt the 4-6-0 that spain used in one of the euros... Sadly we'd look more like Leveins 4-6-0 for Scotland though.
  6. Not a chance if this happened to either of arse cheeks the game would go ahead. What happened to the rule where you could postpone 1 game per season? Seem to mind celtic abusing that rule early every year so they could go play in china or something. What I'm certainly nae enjoying is how much the weegies think they have the moral high ground on Aberdeen at the moment, probably for the first time in their lives. Kneel and show racism the red card, but sectarianism just gets a yellow eh, cretins.
  7. Russell hit the post ana. Would of been fitting for him to score the winner.
  8. Mulgrew and Dorrans are the exact kind of shite over the hill crock signings that have made us worse the last couple of years. Rather get some younger up and comers than old down and outers.
  9. Former Keeper Scott Brown played against Man City yesterday.
  10. Also comical that their "journalists" have Gavin Rae and Rob Milsom as centre midfielders as an option for the team of the decade but not Kenny McLean.
  11. Just went through all our transfers in from 2013 to now and the bad signings outweigh the good 25:19 (all subject to opinion like). A lot of the bad signings have been in recent years which is a bit worrying... 19 Good Signings Willo Flood Barry Robson Michael Hector (Loan) Adam Rooney Shay Logan Kenny McLean Greame Shinnie Simon Church (Loan) Danny Ward (Loan) Joe Lewis Ryan Christie (Loans) James Maddison (Loan) Michael Devlin Sam Cosgrove Gary Mackay Steven Niall McGinn Lewis Ferguson Max Lowe (Loan) Greg Leigh (Loan) 11 Did/Do the job but nothing spectacular Nicky Weaver Ash Taylor Jayden Stockley Neil Alexander Wes Burns (Loan) Dom Ball (Loans) Tomas Cerny Greg Stewart (Loans) Funso Ojo Craig Bryson Zak Vyner (Loan) 25 Bad Signings Gregg Wylde Alan Tate (Loan) Calvin Zola David Goodwillie Scott Brown Andy Driver Paul Quinn Adam Collin Josh Parker Ryan McLaughlin (Loan) Callum Morris Anthony O'Connor Miles Storey Stevie May Kari Arnason Chidi Nwakali (Loan) Greg Tansey Stephen Gleeson Tommie Hoban (Loan) Chris Forrester James Wilson Greg Halford Curtis Main Jon Gallagher (Loan) Donervon Daniels (Loan)
  12. Agree with this, there's been as much good as there has bad but it's starting to tip towards more bad now. I think the policy should be to go for up and coming young players at other clubs who see Aberdeen as a step up (Cosgrove, Ferguson and Shinnie for example) rather than Championship/league 1 castaways that clearly see us a step down when they're in their late 20s early 30s.
  13. Certainly can't be as as bad as the last Celtic game. I'm not asking for much, just the attitude we SHOULD have when playing the bigot brothers, have a go and get in their faces, take no shit and give "broony" and co an early hard challenge and let the fuckers know they're in a game. Inevitably we'll sit in with about 7 defenders on the pitch, show too much respect, go one down and then be forced to come out and attack when it's too late and get cuffed 2 or 3 nil.
  14. Just seen the highlights, Greg Leigh caught out of position really badly for the first two goals. Should we really be in such a rush to extend both his and Gallagher's loan deals? Surely there's got to be better out there loan wise.
  15. As a primary school kid it would be Eoin Jess, only really managed to see him in his 2nd spell but would be a bright spark in what was a very shit team and era for us (1997 - 2000, depressing Aitken/ Alex Miller/Skovdahl teams). Best memory is him scoring against the Huns from an in direct free kick and diving into the crowd where we were sitting and going apeshit. Honourable mention to Zero ana.
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