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  1. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    How old are you? I liked being a butcher and barman
  2. Nah I’ll prob come over a couple months a year good to get back in the GLA boozers
  3. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I’d have bought the man a pint and shared a line with the big lipped cunt In the bogs Chauvin should ride lightning
  4. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I had to set up an office in the bloody Sahara desert found drink a bloody disgrace (the locals know, thank fuck the bosses don’t)
  5. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I would have bought drugs off him in a darkie alleyway, but I’d always make sure I could kick fuck out of the seller (I do my homework)
  6. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Just having character can get you on on life it worked for me I’ve no idea what the fuck I’m doing!
  7. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Is that Tup? I thought BoM was/is a bigger arsehole
  8. Correct not to bother p not a patch on BE (the yanks do those things better)
  9. Starter, surely? I had a cheese burger as a starter afore my curry (fat bastart)
  10. Yip A victim of Brexit (I left once the mongols won the vote) if covid hadn’t happened I’d be in Berlin by now
  11. Bad_Mobby


    Pulp Fiction - 9/10 Twins - 9.5/10
  12. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Sounds like you should have kept your trap shut (on numerous occasions) or your improvement ideas were poorly thought out
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