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  1. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    How old are you? I liked being a butcher and barman
  2. Nah I’ll prob come over a couple months a year good to get back in the GLA boozers
  3. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I’d have bought the man a pint and shared a line with the big lipped cunt In the bogs Chauvin should ride lightning
  4. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I had to set up an office in the bloody Sahara desert found drink a bloody disgrace (the locals know, thank fuck the bosses don’t)
  5. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    I would have bought drugs off him in a darkie alleyway, but I’d always make sure I could kick fuck out of the seller (I do my homework)
  6. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Just having character can get you on on life it worked for me I’ve no idea what the fuck I’m doing!
  7. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Is that Tup? I thought BoM was/is a bigger arsehole
  8. Correct not to bother p not a patch on BE (the yanks do those things better)
  9. Starter, surely? I had a cheese burger as a starter afore my curry (fat bastart)
  10. Yip A victim of Brexit (I left once the mongols won the vote) if covid hadn’t happened I’d be in Berlin by now
  11. Bad_Mobby


    Pulp Fiction - 9/10 Twins - 9.5/10
  12. Bad_Mobby

    George Floyd

    Sounds like you should have kept your trap shut (on numerous occasions) or your improvement ideas were poorly thought out
  13. Aye, it’s nae bad hopefully the Sparklehorse still has the Hefe on tap
  14. I’ll be back on the T’s soon enough (the West Heffeweizen as the odd treat)
  15. Found a couple of crackers (better than ABZ but nae as good as GLA) the local one is magic, but tried another for a change and it was fucking minging ruined my day like the chinkies here are fucking rank
  16. Bad_Mobby

    In The News

    He was a twat couldn’t cut it with the big boys (jocks) Brownzo showed him
  17. Stupidly tried a new place dissabloodypointing Indian House > Tandoori House
  18. Aye, I’m nae a fan Chicken Garlic Special, Prawn Karahi and Chicken Biryani on its way
  19. Bad_Mobby

    The Cryptos

    Aye I’d much rather munch on a big slab of neep than a steak NOT
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