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  1. Genuinely believe that today is the tipping point where the majority of fans are now in the “McInnes Out” camp (myself included). I’ve been a supporter of him for what he has done to our club since coming in but when people like myself have lost faith, there is no coming back for him. Even winning a cup or getting 2nd would be too late now. I’d like to see him walk and we can say “thanks for your service”, “thank you for making our club respectable again”, “thanks for our first trophy in xx years”, “thanks for the European adventures (however short they were)” etc etc if McInnes doesnt walk and Cormack doesn’t get rid, maybe the fans will have to vote with their feet. Don’t buy season tickets, don’t buy DNA, don’t buy from the shop. Shame as it hurts the club, but then, and maybe only then, the board will have no choice. Cheers Del, it’s been fun and we’ve had some good times. I wish you luck in the future but it’s time to go.
  2. “Adjudged to be offside” Never heard the word “adjudged” used outside football
  3. Can’t think of anyone who would be inspiring. That said, I wasn’t inspired by McInnes at the time, soon changed my mind, but now regretting it again
  4. Normally, I’d be raging at that sort of result, but I think it’s a consequence of how utterly shite we’ve been lately that I simply just don’t care any more
  5. Looking like a man who knows his time is up on the sideline there
  6. Considine mentioned on Radio 2 before they played Yes Sir I can Boogie just now
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