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  1. He went down on more than your estimation
  2. 5000 fans at home? Need to get Mcghee back to achieve that
  3. Shambles for Hamilton and us — why wasn’t that decision made last week along with the St J game. Shambles from gov and Scottish football
  4. We shouldn't assume they'll get straight back into the team. Derek should be "training" the new team now in preparation
  5. Big moment for Dave C. Can he show he's not just a fan
  6. We would have had to be in close proximity for that to happen
  7. It was disgusting to watch. Pathetic. Derek couldn’t give a flying fuck about what Cormack wants RE philosophy. Get him to fuck. He’s had months to think about a new approach, with a very good squad of players, and instead he serves up the same pish. How he could ever think using Anderson as a lone striker, like he would Cosgrove or Main, was a plausible idea. Poor lad finally gets a chance and he’s chasing the ball 50 yards from goal. The End. Cormack needs to make a huge decision and bin Mcinnes, then bring through Barry Robson, NOW.
  8. So you still think Dave knew how this would pan out in the media and papers? You think he was expecting his own club to push him away?
  9. It’s not a grudge - it’s reminding people who don’t have a clue, but yet chastise when someone has the nous to call out the rubbish that gets spouted on here sometimes. Paper talk is the media, no?! Christ. I give up.
  10. Surprising this has turned into a farce - who would have thought?! Our chairman making a statement, then deleting it, then the media reporting he’s been warned by the SFA, then the club burning our own chairman. Amazing. But he’s media savvy enough to know what the reaction would be, eh aberdeen1970?
  11. Not sure, but he’s deleted his tweet about the compliance officer and Ajer. Must have been embarrassed - or worse, told to by SFA/Celtic. Interesting.
  12. Apparently Dean Campbell took his boyfriend onto the bus at Hearts and Jim Bett battered him
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