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  1. Where is @Captain Caveman https://www.dasslerscraft.co.uk/shop/Aberdeen-FC-–-Willie-Miller-adidas-Gazelle-OG-custom-p339224619
  2. Would you send Douglas Ross to Tesco for your messages though even with a note?
  3. Clear winner in the Leaders debate was Alex Salmond and he was not even invited. Also i see they had to switch studios because of an Alba party protest Not very silent though
  4. Douglas Ross referee, MP, Scottish Tory Leader, and MSP incoming says we should only concentrate on one thing. The man is a fud
  5. Willie Rennie there saying a referendum is divisive and a disgrace causing harm. Same Willie Rennie who a few months back wanted another one on Brexit Douglas Ross is actually worse than Richard Leonard and Patrick Harvie has just gave him
  6. Starving children is not enough for the Tories
  7. Greens weird fuckers The quiet part out loud - https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-quiet-part-out-loud/
  8. I met a guy who committed murder what is your point.
  9. 3 posts in a row name calling Its Sunday night get a beer and imagine you’ve seen a woman naked.
  10. Yes i just noticed which was easy to find much easer than a list from 2017
  11. @NEM caught lying for the Tories again In fact last year the Top 8 claimers were all Conservative with number 9 labour and one SNP at number 10. With 11 and 12 also Conservative and that is as far as i went on this list. https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/mp-expenses-2020-these-politicians-claimed-most-expenses-last-year-3095121?page=3
  12. Lies the top 4 were all Tories last year https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/mp-expenses-2020-these-politicians-claimed-most-expenses-last-year-3095121?amp
  13. Did someone on here not get visit from the plod during the “no to westhill” stuff.
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