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  1. I would go just for the team talk and touchline banter.
  2. But you have never read Wings and never intend to. Were you lying then or are you lying now everyone knows that we will never get indy with the likes of Sturgeon and Cosy Pete Wishart running the show and that is before i start on the Gender brigade. Having said that i would vote for a turd if it meant independence was the result.
  3. By what i have been told yes.
  4. Salmond was stitched up and there is a lot more to come out of this but unfortunately injunctions etc are stopping things at this point. How sick do you have to be to try and stitch up someone for rape
  5. caledonia

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  6. Jill Stevenson is one of the biggest zoomers on twitter member of the green ink gang ( writing to papers with snpbad daily) https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13415738.outrage-as-one-of-scotlands-top-female-academics-called-new-snp-mp-mhairi-black-a-slut/
  7. MVG humped 5-0 by Chizzy
  8. Anderson back to nearly his best and into semi final.
  9. Im out cant be bothered arguing on here for 6months/1year/2years or whenever till we have a vote especially with pro Uk folk who wont ever change their minds. would rather try and convince those that might be open to change. but will leave you with this now that the latest excuse seems to be we have to pay tax on sanitary products that we can get for free. repeat but so true
  10. You do know Scotland already abolished paying for sanitary products while in the EU also notice Joe Pike agreed with you so presumably he did not know as well https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-51629880
  11. Speaking of Johann Lamount this must be the worst political interview ever to hit our screens It really is breathtaking how thick she really is and this is coming from the Leader of the party especially towards end where she gets tied in knots
  12. Because as part of the eu we would have a equal say as all the other nations but as part of the uk we get no say thought you were smarter than this Craig
  13. we will have more say and unionists cant now argue about trade offs because Scotland as part of the EU would have to get same deal image posting
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