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  1. Mcinnes has only won the Micky mouse cup as it was known old school. Stubbs, wright and Hughes have won same as Mcinnes but a bigger cup. Trouble is we were so bad before him some see him as some sort of miracle worker. p.s would have put Lennon as well but it would have been met with the old resources answer but funny enough the resources answer is never mentioned when comparing Aberdeen and the likes of the other 3 managers who won cups with less. wonder what they might have done with our resources.
  2. Wish him all the best and hope he becomes a great player for Forrest.
  3. Season 2 of “The Transfer Conspiracy” out now. How long does it fucking take?
  4. Is this crap going to rumble on for the rest of the week. why cant we just do a transfer like everyone else and stop fannying about And if its forrest that is the hold up tell them we play McKenna on Thursday if its not done and dusted by then.
  5. Why have millertimes old posts Disappeared on this thread Thought you could not delete old posts @Bebo
  6. Why is this taking so long? what is the fee that has been agreed?
  7. Yes Mcinnes will take him when he goes to forrest hopefully.
  8. Thank fuck thought for a minute there the ref was going to disallow it.
  9. If you have a firestick just download Amazon silk browser and put the ppv address in (after you have paid of course)
  10. Did the SNP build it because if the Government in place is blame worthy Lets have a look at how Tory Hospitals are coming along
  11. Hardly nothing but don't let that get in your way of Trashing Scotland https://www.snp.org/record/ And before you start i am for independence but disagree with snp on many many things especially lately.
  12. last one is last year but im sure you get the picture
  13. Heard Mcinnes turned down messi as he has enough cover at left back now.
  14. Jesus were fucked as we will only attack against the bottom two
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