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  1. Frustrating, this Sporting side are no great shakes and poorer than I thought they’d be. What a chance this is, and for Hedges. ach well
  2. Hedges is doing okay - strong, chasing down and getting in some good positions. Many other anonymous performances ahead of him.
  3. Get your hands off their fucking backs! Should have drilled that in at HT.
  4. Poofy Euro football though - ref is going to penalise any physicality. We should know this by now.
  5. Simplicity is perfection. Why seek the complex when it is not required? No one cares what you “believe” in Brian - because you are an insufferable bore. Anyway, it’s clear Dayts and NEM can’t see past their hatred of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP to look at the facts. Instead, resorting to repeating fake news on here while dismissing anything that doesn’t fit their hoax narrative - all while upvoting each other’s posts. I’m surprised they can take their hands off each other’s cocks long enough to type their horseshit.
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