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  1. It's clear why Boris rejected the request. He doesn't want to be the PM that is in place when the UK breaks up.
  2. fatjim


    not half as boring as him just smashing the keyboard and coming up with garbled nonsense.
  3. Most comedians I know are either very hyper attention seekers or very quiet and keep to themselves until they get on the stage. Sometimes it can be difficult having a two conversation in the green room.
  4. fatjim


    Are you making a point? Can you try and make sense?
  5. With the size of his chin I can see that taking some time.
  6. Fair enough comedy is subjective. I personally think he is one of the funniest around at the moment. Very very clever. The number of call backs is phenomenal.
  7. fatjim


    I work in pensions but not qualified to give any advice. Passed my FA2 exam last year though. If I was able to advise I'd probably say put it in an ISA or property. I will probably put my pension into Flexi access drawdown in 7 years when I am eligible to take it. Assuming the legislation doesn't change.
  8. Well you just quoted it so clearly I did. I understand the deficit and the debt are different. My understanding was that both had increased under the tories. The tories tend to increase the debt when they are government. Then if labour get in they have to try and turn it around. You are basically saying that the deficit was high because of Labour. Completely negating that they had to contend with a GLOBAL crash that wasn't their fault.
  9. Keep your main account though, mate Home his skills? FFS
  10. 9 years of increasing that deficit.
  11. It doesn't just start from day 1 and you get to forget about the terrible 9/10 years we've had under the Tories.
  12. You'd expect him to be more excited about a bell end.
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