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  1. ^ realises that post out of the context of not having the picture in it looks odd.
  2. Excuse me, would you mind taking a photo of me queuing for a shit?
  3. I disagree. Cats is terrible. Every wayans bros film is terrible. I also find a lot of the coen bros films terrible as I just don’t really get them or how clever they are meant to be. A serious man for example. I found the Irishman very well acted and interesting, so much so I would watch it again A lot of people have no attention span whatsoever anymore. I would say it’s about his 6th or 7th best. Pioneer - 6/10 Norwegian film about early deep sea divers / workers installing pipelines and the dangers they faced. Not a job for me, my ears pop at the bottom of a swimming pool Decent but couldn’t decide if it was trying to be a thriller, story about corporate greed / cover ups or a documentary.
  4. Villain - cult early 70s London crime lord film. Main guy played by Richard burton is clearly based on Ronnie kray right down to his homosexual tendencies (lovejoy is the recipient of his affection). Released same year as get carter and they’re very similar, both sharing that gritty unglamorous feel. Odd that one has been forgotten and the other grown has in status and been remade by Hollywood (badly). Anyway it’s an 8/10. Some tits. Frozen 2. 7/10. Songs aren’t as catchy as in Frozen. No tits but Anna and Elsa are now of age, which is nice. Cats. 0/10 Quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen. Worse than the greasy strangler. Even my wee girl didn’t really rate it saying there was too much singing and she has watched Mary poppins 9 times Irishman 8/10 Scorsese can do no wrong. Not as good as goodfellas or casino but just nice to see de Niro in something that is not a pile of steaming shite.
  5. He recognises buying makes better financial sense in the long term?
  6. This. Overall total spent can’t be much more than £1M Or approx 25% of what cosgrove is now worth. His return on equity is excellent.
  7. Haha. He will have sign a pre contract with Preston in the jan but will stay til the summer and release a statement just before his last big cup game saying he’s determined to leave with a winners medal. We will then lose in the semi final, in front of 9k fans.
  8. They look like a well matched couple. Definitely the kind of girl he’d get if he wasn’t paid to kick a football. Bet even davie Dodds’s bird was at least a 7/10.
  9. Compromise by keeping their allocation as it is but charge them twice as much.
  10. I thought cosgrove was pish when he is magnificent I thought main was pish. He is pish.
  11. Anderson is a good finisher no more no less. Similar to Rooney in that respect. All this he doesn’t win headers etc is irrelevant. He’s accurate in front of goal and will put away half chances, that makes him a valuable player. Main does the opposite to this and therefore is dead to me.
  12. Twas a magnificent contender for over reaction of the year though.
  13. Not sure he’s allowed to leave the ward. Safer for all our sakes.
  14. Thought Taylor and Mckenna were decent. We absolutely rode our luck at times but the red card was harsh. Brown’s hysterical over reaction influenced the ref. Haven’t seen a replay of it though and if it was deemed dangerous play then no chance it’s getting rescinded. Just as well we have strength in depth up front !!
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