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  1. Gallacher would walk straight into our starting 11 replacing Ash. I think he'll be looking for a bit of cash from the championship and head down there.
  2. Here's hoping. Got a bit of a point to prove to them too
  3. Yup. Waiting for his Visa. Available for Easter Road
  4. Always liked Kamberi when he was at Hivs, skillful forward. Just need his head in the right place.
  5. Rheims have said loan with no option to buy for Hornby
  6. The work of a fan as well as an owner
  7. I think that will be our line up going forward but not for tonight. Kamberi not available yet due to international clearance. So probably Hendry starts. Hedges will thrive in that position and the rest looks balanced, nobody out of position etc.
  8. Possibly a hold up with international clearance
  9. AND you get rid of a player who doesnt want to play for us anymore.
  10. And gets rid of a player who doesn't want to be with us anymore
  11. Wright away. McCrorie permanent
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