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  1. He played very deep against the inferior opposition last night and got caught on the ball a few times, worrying. But his distribution looked ok, sprayed it around to the wide men. We're seriously lacking someone to make that cutting forward pass.
  2. Concur, he or Maddison. We have no "number 10" in the squad - McGinn has been playing there again, but is nowhere near as creative as either of those loan loons. If we're digging someone up from history at their peak, then Jess to play in there. Other mention would be whoever we think our best left back was, just to fill that role.
  3. Seems a weird one, maybe someone's on the way oot? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marley_Watkins Some good news in there, scored & assisted when Cali won the cup.
  4. Happy ending. What shall we whine about now?
  5. Hedges booked for gay headband. Excellent refereeing.
  6. Thoughts and prayers to whomever has to choose man of the match.
  7. I liked that burst of pace through our midfield by Ojo...towards Joe's goal.
  8. Get used to the lower half of the table folks. This season gonna SUCK
  9. Just posting here to say "Oh look, you're all where I was in February 2019 and at that time, I was well overdue getting there anyway." Fanks. #unsustainable #repetition #repetition
  10. Stockley mk II? 21, 6 Foot 2 Signed by Wigan, on loan at Barrow & Chorley. Carlisle last year, played 8, scored 1.
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